Iván Poduje registers candidacy for Viña del Mar

Iván Poduje registers candidacy for Viña del Mar
Iván Poduje registers candidacy for Viña del Mar

“Welcome (to) Iván Slavko Poduje Capdeville, we inform that on May 19, 2024 at 00:00 hrs., we have enabled the following independent application for the purpose of receiving web sponsorships.”

That was the confirmation, through Servel, that came to the now independent candidate for mayor of Viña del Mar. In this way, the design that the right has insisted on going with a single candidate to contest the municipal election, it gets complicated again.

The architect now has to collect the signatures and has to reach the number of 653 to make his application effective, which puts the sector in check.

Even the presidential figure of the right, the mayor Evelyn Matthei, attacked those figures who want to go independently to the elections. “Nobody controls these lone rangers who go outside, with a thousand signatures ready, they are candidates”, he stated in a forum at the Universidad del Desarrollo last April.

In addition to the registration confirmation document, the senator and president of Democrats, Ximena Rinconwas in charge of making public Poduje’s decision to gather signatures.

In Zero Tolerance, the helmsman of Democrats assured that “Amarillos had spoken with a candidate in Viña del Mar and they decided that it had to be theirs (Chile Vamos) and in the end I understand that Iván Poduje began to gather signatures to be a candidate ”.

Party sources convey that the store management became aware of the independent candidacy at the time it was registered and that they were available to support it under the formula of the electoral pact they have with Amarillos.

consulted by ThirdI managed He stated that he will not lower his candidacy and that he will compete as an independent. “I believe I have the capabilities to recover Viña. I know the city very well, the plan of it and the seven sisters. Let the residents of Viña be the ones to elect their mayor. Not the parties or the local chiefs,” he assured, describing Chile Vamos as “distant and far from the problems of Viña and its inhabitants.”

Aware of the conversations that have been held with Poduje, they assure that the knot is rooted in RN and the UDI. In this framework, the same sources add, the architect had the “express support” of the UDI, Amarillos and Democrats and that Evópoli and the Republican Party “are rather waiting to see how the matter is resolved.”

“The UDI and RN have to contain it,” say those familiar with the negotiations.

From the UDI, meanwhile, they point to Antonio Varas’ store, since from the unionism they emphasize that they removed three names from their ranks to support Poduje and that RN has not yet done the same with its letter, the councilor of the commune, Carlos Williams.

The general secretary of the UDI was consulted, María José Hoffmanndue to those conversations with RN, assured that We have raised it in the electoral committee of Chile Vamos on several occasions and although we respect RN times we should resolve it quickly”.

Regarding support for Poduje, the leader added: “He knows that he has the unconditional support of the UDI, we want to be consistent with what we have always said, the best candidates to defeat the left and Iván Poduje is the best name since his independence”.

In the UDI, they also claim that there have been conversations “every day” with RN to try to convince the latter party that it can evict Williams, but that they have had more difficulties than expected in that management.

In RN, for their part, they defend the “right” to have their own candidate and to be able to measure both contenders. In fact, according to party sources, the polls they manage internally show that Williams has a slight advantage over Poduje and that the “great support” that the architect has within the coalition is in the UDI.

When consulted with the board headed by Senator Rodrigo Galilea, they preferred not to refer to the issue.

Amarillo sources, meanwhile, assure that they remain available to support him as a candidate.

From Poduje’s entourage, on the other hand, they convey that he “remains firm” in his decision to gather signatures to run independently for the municipal seat of Viña del Mar, and that “recently” he has not held conversations with the parties.

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