Agmer adheres and this Thursday they paralyze the teaching of classes throughout Entre Ríos

María José Chapitel, deputy secretary of Agmer Concordia, announced that “on Thursday the 23rd, the Budget and Education Commissions of Deputies will meet in the National Congress and, in that context, the CTERA will hold a rally in front of the National Congress to “require the Commissions to process university financing and restitution of the FONID.”

“Since December of last year, the CTERA has been demanding solutions to the problems raised previously from the national government and the National Secretary of Education,” the union member clarified.

“The lack of responses has caused a loss of the purchasing power of our salaries because since December 2023 there are teachers with salaries of 250 thousand pesos. There is a lack of educational funding in all areas, causing and deepening provincial conflicts in the absence of the State as a guarantor. of the teacher salary floor and the resources necessary for the functioning of the educational system,” he said.

Faced with this scenario, teachers “we once again demand that the national government assume the responsibility of guaranteeing public education throughout the country as a social right, as dictated by the National Education Law and our Constitution,” said the educational union leader.

“In the province, the Entre Ríos Teachers’ Union Association (Agmer) adheres to the national force measure for 24 hours,” added Chapitel.


– Urgent call to the National Teacher Parity.

– Restitution of the FONID- which implies a decrease in salary between 10% and 20%.

– Financing for public schools and universities.

– More Educational Budget.

– Sending resources for school infrastructure.

– Sending funds for school meals.

– Financing for Educational Programs.

– Urgent emergency increase in the salaries of retired teachers.

– No to the transfer of the Provincial Funds to the Nation.

– No to the modification of the National and Provincial Teacher Retirement Schemes.

– Cessation of layoffs and reinstatement of all dismissed workers in the educational areas of the Nation.

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