“During his postoperative period he did not present any complications”: Diego Alejandro Vega

“During his postoperative period he did not present any complications”: Diego Alejandro Vega
“During his postoperative period he did not present any complications”: Diego Alejandro Vega


Through a statement to the public, the doctor Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Diego Alejandro Vegaruled on the case of the death of the 26-year-old María Camila Álvarez, a person on whom a surgical procedure was performed.

“Diego Alejandro Vega allows himself to clarify to the public that on May 8, 2024, cosmetic surgery was performed on the patient María Camila Álvarez, who during his postoperative period did not present any complications that could suspect a risk to his lifeand it should also be noted that the surgical procedure was carried out in the company of the medical care team of the UNICAT Clinic, respecting and complying with absolutely all the care protocols for said situation,” the statement indicates.

According to Vega, The Attorney General’s Office is carrying out the corresponding investigations in order to clarify the facts surrounding the medical care provided to the patient.

“Given that these facts are already known to the judicial authorities, and this information is completely reserved, I am obliged to ask his family members, the media and public opinion to avoid issuing concepts, delivering or publishing information related to the case. that may ignore the confidentiality that accompanies criminal investigations, and that may also, eventually, go against the factual, legal and medical-scientific reality of the case in question, which not only affects said investigation, but may even lead to ignorance. of my fundamental rights and those of the people who in one way or another are related to the case,” indicated the doctor.

Furthermore, he assured that will be attentive to the development of the investigation to collaborate with the judicial authorities that require it and clarify, with the corresponding legal and medical-scientific arguments, the facts that are currently the subject of investigation.

In front of the competent authorities, I will demonstrate my prudence and compliance with the lex artis that accompanies my profession. and that, therefore, I have not violated in any way, trusting to emerge unscathed from any type of position, highlighting that the care I provided to the patient was exhaustive and was carried out in person and by telephone, to the point of indicating in On more than one occasion, the need to transfer the patient to the emergency room to be managed according to her clinical condition, which was rejected by the patient and her family members,” he pointed out.

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