Corpoguajira completed the construction of 199 eco-efficient stoves for rural communities

Nearly a thousand people benefited from the closure of the work carried out by the Regional Autonomous Corporation of La Guajira, (Corpoguajira) and which allowed the construction of 199 eco-efficient stoves in the communities of Río de Janeiro 1, Río de Jainero 2 and Cerrejón 1 in the municipality of Albania.

”We are happy and happy because we are no longer going to breathe smoke. I used to get a lot of smoke and that’s why my chest is congested. I have been to the doctor and they told me that I have pneumonia, but now I am happy with my stove that they gave me,’ said Sandra Epiayu, project beneficiary.

The management carried out by the environmental entity contributes to reducing the impact on the vegetation cover, reducing atmospheric pollution and preventing respiratory diseases.

The work has benefited nearly 1,000 people who have improved their quality of life and have also reduced pressure on the forest resource.

This initiative aims to comply with the Management Plan of the Regional Integrated Management District of the lower Ranchería River Basin and the conservation of the dry forest that exists in that protected area.

”Well, it has benefited us in the way that less firewood is already being used and less heat, that today the mothers of the home are practically not getting hot. Thank you Corpoguajira for this immense project that you bring us to the Cuatro de Noviembre reservation,” said José Luis Pushaina, another of the beneficiaries.

These stoves have a chimney, four burners, an oven, a container for heating water, a ventilation channel for burning wood, and an airtight compartment for storing ashes.


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