They arrested two shooters who tried to escape from the police

They arrested two shooters who tried to escape from the police
They arrested two shooters who tried to escape from the police

This Monday night, at 10 p.m., neighbors who live in the vicinity of Pasaje Miter and Lisandro de la Torre on the border between Santa Rosa de Lima neighborhood and Santa Lucía neighborhood, They reported to the 911 Emergency Center that they heard gunshots, and the operator sent two officers from the Radioelectric Command, who when they arrived pursued and apprehended two boys who ran to escape the police action. Finally the shooters were arrested and the police seized a loaded war weapon from him.

The shootings stopped

Both strangers were chased and overtaken, and when they searched them, one of them had a 38 caliber revolver loaded with six bullets – a full load – seized from his waist. It is a weapon of war, and when they checked it they found that it had good condition. conservation and operating conditions. The two arrested were identified as DRC, 22 years old, and ARO, 23. Both were transferred and housed in the warden of the 1st South EPS Police Station.

Charged crime

They reported the news about the occurrence of the arrest procedure of the two boys and the kidnapping of the two weapons of war and the six bullets to the Headquarters of Regional Unit I La Capital of the Santa Fe Police, and they did the same with the Flagrancia prosecutor on duty from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, who ordered that the young people continue to be deprived of their liberty, that they be identified and that a case be filed against one of them for improper carrying of a military firearm. Regarding the seized weapon, they ordered chain of custody.


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