How will businesses work in Córdoba?

How will businesses work in Córdoba?
How will businesses work in Córdoba?

The Córdoba Chamber of Commerce (CCC) reported that most of the city’s businesses will not open their doors during the holiday of May 25May Revolution Day.

According to a survey of commercial corridors, the CCC said that only a minority percentage will open during half-day.

In addition, it ratified that for the payment of remuneration and it cannot be granted as compensatory leave for weekly rest, the current legislation on national holidays must be applied.

April sales

The CCC Commercial Observatory announced the sales during the month of April of commercial premises in Córdoba and shopping.

The survey showed that 80% of the businesses did not meet sales expectations. The average ticket was $59,300.

Although no item managed to maintain or exceed the sales level, in the case of electronics-computer science, clothing-footwear, and household items the decrease was greater.

Regarding payment methods, the credit card continued to be the most used followed by electronic means and the debit card. Cash was the least used.

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