The Ombudsman’s Office issued a new early warning for Argelia, Cauca

The Ombudsman’s Office issued a new early warning for Argelia, Cauca
The Ombudsman’s Office issued a new early warning for Argelia, Cauca

The Ombudsman’s Office warned that the population of the municipality of Argelia, in the south of Cauca, is at high risk due to territorial disputes between the ELN, the Central General Staff of the FARC and the Second Marquetalia.

Given this situation, the entity issued Early Alert 013 of 2024 for the municipal seat and 10 townships of the town as a result of the presence and armed dispute of these groups outside the law.

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Among other things, the Ombudsman’s Office evidences the reactivation of the presence of the ELN with the José María Becerra front in this municipality, particularly in the towns of Santa Clara and El Plateado.

To this extent, the Public Ministry entity points out the probability of occurrence of violations of Human Rights and infractions of International Humanitarian Law due to the actions and expansion strategies of the Carlos Patiño, Segunda Marquetalia and ELN structures that dispute control of illicit economies.

In these types of situations, the rights to life, integrity, security and social and political freedoms are compromised.

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Adding to the panorama is the contamination in Algeria due to the presence of antipersonnel mines and improvised explosive devices, a serious threat to the population.

This situation causes restrictions on mobility and limits the daily activities of the population.

Furthermore, according to the Ombudsman’s Office, there is a latent alarm “due to the increase in the recruitment, use and use of girls, boys and adolescents by the ELN, the Second Marquetalia and the Carlos Patiño Front, seeking to strengthen their ranks and intelligence networks through “use of violence, threats, seduction and deception.”

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Finally, the entity pointed out that the reactivation of the ELN would have the purpose of regaining control of strategic areas and, presumably, strengthening its coordination with the Second Marquetalia.

The novelty could entail risks for the population, especially in terms of pressures, possible threats and retaliations..

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