Desolate balance due to attack by dissidents in Morales on May 20: death toll increases

Desolate balance due to attack by dissidents in Morales on May 20: death toll increases
Desolate balance due to attack by dissidents in Morales on May 20: death toll increases

A police officer protects the station that was harassed by FARC dissidents on Monday, May 20, in Morales (Colombia) – credit Ernesto Guzmán/EFE

Cauca and Valle are going through a desolate panorama due to terrorism, because on Monday, May 20, there were violent attacks against the civilian population, which continued with the wave of violence that has occurred since the weekend.

The events occurred in urban areas, which are hit by the presence of local criminal groups and FARC dissidents, that continue to frighten the civilian population due to the lack of presence of the national government in these territories.

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The attack committed on Monday, May 20 against the Morales Police Station (Cauca) left two civilians and two police officers deadin addition to three uniformed officers and four injured residents.

It was even reported serious damage to the infrastructure of the Police station that was attacked and the Agrarian Bankwhose facilities were left in pieces and the criminals of the Central General Staff would have taken around 50 million pesos.

Jaime Andrés Calderón Reyes and Diego David López Domínguez died after the violent attacks – Police credit

The patrollers Jaime Andrés Calderón Reyes, 25, and Diego David López Domínguez, 26, died in the midst of the attacks and crossfire in Morales, Cauca, where two men deprived of their liberty also died, as they were hit by gunshots.

In the last hours, heartbreaking audio recordings of the police officers before they died were revealed, as they managed to communicate with their superiors to make a call for help in the face of the attack against the Morales Police Station:

  • “We need urgent support.”
  • My sergeant, they gave me my sergeant. My sergeant, don’t let me die, my sergeant. The ground support, the support, help me with the support.”
  • “Earth we have them very close. They are giving us tattoos. Land”.

It is worth mentioning that In 2024 there have been 12 attacks against the public force that have left nine police officers dead, as well as four civilians, among whom is a 12-year-old minor who died after a terrorist attack committed in the municipality of Miranda (Cauca).

The Ombudsman’s Office, headed by Carlos Camargo Assis, “condemned the acts of violence that occurred in Miranda, Cauca, in which a minor and an adult died due to an attack by the FARC-EP dissidents on a road.” major”.

This is what the Morales Police Station, Cauca, looked like after the armed attack by the FARC dissidents – credit courtesy of the National Army

The new attacks against citizens and public forces generated different reactions, one of them was from President Gustavo Petro who indicated the following: “The situation in Cauca is unacceptable. We will not tolerate continuing to terrorize the population with terrorist attacks. “I have asked the Minister of Defense (Iván Velásquez) to move immediately and establish a permanent security council.”

Given this call and around 4:00 in the afternoon on Monday, the Minister of Defense (Iván Velásquez) arrived in Popayán, accompanied by the Commander of the Military Forces Helder Giraldo and the director of the Police, William René Salamanca.

In the middle of the extraordinary security council, The public order situation will be verified and decisions will be made to act against armed groups.. In turn, the governor of Cauca, Octavio Guzmán, revealed that work will be done on a route to strengthen the presence of public forces.

A platoon of soldiers even arrived in Morales to address the situation on Monday afternoon and increase the security device and surveillance work carried out with the artillery aircraft.

At the same time, the Minister of the Interior, Luis Fernando Velasco, also spoke out, describing it as “Miserable what these FARC dissidents with whom we are at war and with whom we broke the ceasefire are doing. It is a war where there have been very strong blows on both sides, leaders have been captured. There are teams to respond with, but when you make an attack, you don’t expect four more.”

Members of security forces tour the place where an artifact exploded in Jamundí – credit Ernesto Guzmán/EFE

It is worth mentioning that Morales has not been the only area affected, which is why the authorities are also strengthening their presence in Jamundí, where a motorcycle was detonated in the middle of the town, a fact that is attributed to FARC dissidents from the front. Jaime Martinez.

The attacks against the Police and the civilian population continue to be rejected by political voices and Colombians who They demand that the national government be present in these remote areas of the country and take a tough line against criminals..

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