When could it snow in the mountains of Córdoba?

We are in autumn, but with the arrival of the polar wave it is estimated that It could snow in different places in the country, even in the city of Buenos Aires, which would be strange.

Now it is estimated that it could snow in Córdoba, something that usually happens but in winter in the mountains. According to the details of Infoclima, which takes the Cordoba site eldoce.tv, the entry of a new polar air in Córdoba will be accompanied by snow that this time promises to be copious in some parts of the province.

If this occurs, in the coming days we would see a very typical winter scenario but in the middle of autumn.

According to the aforementioned forecast, winter conditions will begin to take hold starting tomorrow, Wednesday, as a result of the entry of polar Patagonian air, which will spread rapidly throughout the province. This will generate much lower thermal records for this time of year.

Thursday would be the day with the highest probability of heavy snowfall, especially in the highest areas of the mountains. It is expected that unlike what has happened in recent weeks, this time there will be greater snow coverage.

These low temperatures associated with polar air would extend throughout the weekend of May 25, which is expected to be one of the coldest periods of the season.


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