“Step by step our PAI continues to grow” – Ministry of Education

Meeting of initial and primary level directors in Tilcara

Directors of the initial and primary levels of Region II met this Monday in Tilcara to share the progress of the Institutional Literacy Project (PAI) and exchange and articulate experiences in a day called “Step by step our PAI continues to grow.”

Convened by the body of supervisors of the region, the meeting was held in the facilities of the Primary School No. 7 “Domingo Faustino Sarmiento”. The director of Primary Education of the Secretariat of Educational Management of the Ministry of Education, Miguel Peñaloza, was present on the occasion, who highlighted that “the directors were able to present to their peers the progress of the MYP in their schools and learn about the development of the others.” .

Likewise, “strategies were shared that are typical of the dynamics of the initial level and that can be taken to develop reading and writing at the primary level, as part of what is a concrete articulation between both levels.” He also said that “this is going to be replicated in various places in the province with on-the-ground support.”

This activity in Tilcara occurs within the framework of the Provincial Literacy Plan 2024-2030 that was implemented by the Ministry of Education and that is developed at all levels and educational modalities, through proposals that come from the classrooms themselves through teachers. , with the premise of making reading and writing a tool so that children and young people can shape their life projects in the future.

The directors agreed in expressing the positive aspects of the call since each one presented their strategies and progress of the literacy project in the schools of the region, reading days, selection of books, adding contributions, and articulating between both levels so that the proposals have continuity over time.

It was also possible to add ideas, share experiences and reinforce a continuous trajectory of boys and girls in their educational journey.

“It was very good to enable this space to combine strategies so that everything is rewarding for the children,” said one of the participating directors.

“We have been able to comment on the work we are doing with our PAI,” said another director, “assembling and articulating strategies.”

Initial and advanced literacy, daily reading and other tasks were addressed at the meeting, which also had the support of the technical pedagogical team of the Directorate of Primary Education.

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