This was the murder of a security guard in front of his workplace in Cúcuta

This was the murder of a security guard in front of his workplace in Cúcuta
This was the murder of a security guard in front of his workplace in Cúcuta

The authorities assure that the crime would be related to a robbery, while witnesses to the event say that it was a hitman attack.

The victim of this incident was Gustavo Luis Jaimes Villamizar.

A new bloody event shook the city of Cúcuta, Norte de Santander. A 53-year-old man, who was identified as Gustavo Luis Jaimes Villamizar, was shot dead in front of his workplace.

At around 3:07 pm on Monday, May 20, two subjects, who were traveling on a black Suzuki GN motorcycle, intercepted Gustavo Luis, who was on Avenue 4A between streets 7N and 8N, in the Pescadero neighborhood. Without saying a word, the strangers opened fire on the guard.

That was an impressive scare, about five or six shots could be heard.. “All of this is an industrial zone, they are pure companies and it is rare for these things to occur,” he told the newspaper. The opinion a trader in the sector.

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Once he fired the first shots, the hitman ran to where his accomplice was waiting for him and, according to witnesses, from there, he would have finished him off, to the point that Jaimes Villamizar fell to the floor.

“The two guys had helmets and black jackets. I saw that the person who was riding the grill got off the motorcycle, walked up to where the man was and shot him a few times. Although the man had a revolver in his hand and the pistol in his waistband, the hitman was faster,” the witness added to the aforementioned media.

The hitmen fled the scene and Gustavo Jaimes was helped and transferred to the Erasmo Meoz University Hospital where an hour later, his death was confirmed.

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“Everyone here ran out to help him and When they tried to put him in a truck, they dropped him, then they took him to the hospitalbut that man was more dead than alive, he was very serious because they were all in the head,” the witness explained.

After confirming the death of this man, who was of foreign nationality, The authorities activated the ‘Candado Plan’ to locate the gunmenHowever, as usual, those responsible left no trace.

The authorities are handling the hypothesis that it would be a possible theft, since The pistol that Jaimes Villamizar would have had was nowhere to be found.

“The victim also had a revolver in his hand and that was what could be seized at the time to subject it to ballistic comparisons,” he told The opinion a judicial source.

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Although the authorities consider robbery as the main hypothesis of this crime, witnesses to the incident assure that it was not a robbery, since The alleged hitmen targeted Gustavo Luis from the first moment.

“They were going for him, they took the gun because they saw the opportunity to do it, but it was not a robbery. When they saw him, they chased him and shot him to death, he looked half dead when they left him lying there”, concluded the witness.

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