The Universidad Potosina offers bachelor’s degrees without official validity before the SEP – Astrolabio

The Universidad Potosina offers bachelor’s degrees without official validity before the SEP – Astrolabio
The Universidad Potosina offers bachelor’s degrees without official validity before the SEP – Astrolabio

Estela Ambriz Delgado

The names of the students were modified to safeguard their integrity.

The bachelor’s degree in Medicine what offer Potosina Universitylocated on the avenue Venustiano Carranza, lacks official validity before the Ministry of Public Education (SEP)so its students will not be able to obtain a degree and a professional license necessary to practice the profession, in addition to having followed a deficient, improvised study program and lacking clinical practices, as reported to this medium.

Apparently there are two campuses of the Universidad Potosina: one located in Carranza and another in Constitution 805in it San Sebastian neighborhood.

When requesting information, in the first they claim to be a campus dedicated to health with careers such as Medicine, Psychology and odontology. However, in the second, which has careers in the humanities area, they deny having another campus or the Bachelor of Medicine degree, at least for 10 years, since they say that it was one of those that was taught when the house began. of studies, approximately 20 years ago.

Likewise, in the Carranza institution they claim to have Recognition of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE) in their careers, but when asked for the data to be able to corroborate it, specifically in the case of Medicine, although they do provide a number, they argue that it is not yet on digital platforms, since the first generation has yet to graduate, but they affirm that You can confirm by phone at Secretary of Education of the State Government (SEGE).

However, none of the bachelor’s degrees offered: General Physician, Gastronomy, Stomatology and Psychologyhave RVOE, according to a list provided by the SEP, in which only the courses offered by the Universidad Potosina located in Constitución appear.

Regarding the SEGE, when trying to confirm the validity of the degree by telephone, as suggested by the institution, they affirm that it does have it, however, they said they do not know the RVOE number, in addition to saying they do not have knowledge of whether it is It is the same university as the one located in Constitución.

However, when consulting the secretariat’s page about institutions with RVOE, you access the document “Higher Education Options in the State of San Luis Potosí“, corresponding to the 2023-2024 school year, issued by SEGE and the State Commission for the Planning of Higher Education in the State (COEPES)the Universidad Potosina Carranza campus does not appear, and in it a note warns:

The Institutions of Higher Education and Careers, not included in this publication, have NOT completed the procedures for their incorporation and registration before the Secretary of Education of the State Government and before the State Commission for the Planning of Higher Education (COEPES), the NOT having the Registry of Official Validity of Studies (RVOE), means that the studies offered and/or carried out do not have official validity and therefore they will not be able to have their study certificate, title and professional license.”.

After the phone call, in order to double verify the status of the institution within the SEGE system, this medium requested an interview at the agency or that they be informed in writing about it, however, the Today, seven days later, they have not issued a response.

In the opposite case, the UP of Constitución does appear in the document issued by SEGE and COEPES, both in the list of careers and at the end in the directory of higher education institutions in the capital and Soledad by Graciano SánchezIn addition, when requesting reports on whether their degrees have RVOE, their staff said that these could be verified on the SEP page, which was the case.

The rector of the one located in Carranza is José Arturo Segoviano Garcíawho was an independent candidate for state governor, and until January 2022 was head of the Secretary of Economic Development of the State Government. According to authorities, he is being investigated for alleged irregularities.

The students’ complaint

Students concerned about the irregular situation at the University told Digital Daily Astrolabe that their admission process was carried out in 2020 at the facilities located at Ignacio Comonfort and Constitución Avenue, where they were told that an expansion would be made and therefore in the coming days they would change headquarters, however, when the pandemic arrived due to covid-19 virus they only had online classes, so at no time did they access a classroom.

As Paulina Martínez relates, when they resumed face-to-face classes they were told that they would be at the Carranza facilities, so according to what they had been told when registering, they thought that it was only a change of campus due to the expansion for students in the health area.

However, as the semesters passed, they noticed various irregularities, such as changes in the study plan, reduction in time to take the subjects, as well as lack of clinical practices, when upon admission they had been assured that they had agreements with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS)and private institutions such as the Hospital de la Salud, Hospital Lomas and the Spanish Charity.

Furthermore, the uncertainty of the students grows, because in the facilities of the Universidad Potosina in Constitución they are told that they have nothing to do with that campus, when they carried out their admission process there, as well as an exam, they were given their letter of acceptance. acceptance and there they also had the introduction ceremony to the university.

“All the admission processes, payments, our high school papers and validation of other academic levels, we take to the Constitución facilities, therefore they must be responsible for our papers as such, because some classmates were mislead”.

Complicity of teaching doctors and coordination outside the health area

On the other hand, the student Ignacio Rodríguez reported that the doctors who have taught them are aware that the university is in an irregular situation, since they have taken them to hospitals, but they ask them not to say which university they go to and that they do not They carry no logo of the same, and despite this they continue to benefit from the resources they receive not only for their salary, but also for the recourse of subjects.

“We do not have any type of legality because doctors invited us to the Sea Charbel, UGOand they tell us that they don’t know the university (…) everyone else has a doctor in charge of guard control and we don’t, and the doctors always tell us: just don’t say that you are from the Universidad Potosina, and not We cannot wear the uniform of the institution, nor bring the logo, they ask us to wear completely white.”

His colleague Ulises López explained that the way they enter the hospitals is through the doctors who teach them and are known in different hospitals, so they pass as external, not even as interns, and they only tell them who the doctor is. shift manager who they should contact.

Among the doctors who have taken them, he mentioned the pediatric neonatologist José Francisco García de Luna, who took them to serve as guards for the Spanish Charities; the neurosurgeon Juan Carlos Chalita Williams; the gynecologist Manuel González Palomera; Gibrán Alejandro del Sol Revuelta; Gerardo Alvarado Contreras; Iván René Bear Sandoval and Ixchelt Cuaranta Monroy.

“Dr. Manuel González Palomera, gynecologist, even invited us to the Children’s and Women’s Hospitalin which he very clearly told us not to say what university we were from, also not to sign anything (…) obviously he didn’t stay, he just introduced us and left, and we were left alone with several interns there in labor, which we did not get to have any type of practice either.”

Likewise, the student pointed out that the coordinator Patricia E. Rodríguez Robledo He does not have a career related to the area of ​​health, and to direct the medical career, you must at least have knowledge of the area, in addition to the fact that the same person is also in charge of Dentistry, Psychology and also high school.

Likewise, in the case of interns, ideally they should be directed by a doctor who is inside the hospital, along with their inmates, to resolve doubts and clarify any type of situation, as well as explain to the practitioner so that they do not make a mistake, which does not happen since the coordinator is not a doctor and is not in the facilities.

Ulises explained that the risk they run in boarding schools by not having advice as such, is that when practicing a career in the health area, in which a patient is manipulated, one has responsibility for what happens to them. to the same, so you can even go to jail for malpractice.

A call for help

According to article 79 of the General law of healthtitle fourth chapter 1, for the exercise of professional activities in the field of medicine, among other subjects, it is required that professional titles or certificates of specialization have been legally issued and registered by the competent educational authorities, therefore that it is necessary to obtain it.

The degree lasts five years, a period in which you pay a semester registration fee of 8,800 pesos, a monthly payment of 8,500 and a uniform of 1,850, which in total is almost 600,000 pesos.

That is why, given the time and money invested so far, students hope that the SEP and the State Goverment can support them, since they are already a few months away from finishing the degree, which they signed up for believing that it really did have official validity, since that is what the institution promotes, that is, they were deceived, and the reason why they are still there Despite the irregularities, it is for the hope of finally receiving a professional degree.

On the SEP page it is indicated that educational institutions that do not have validity must mention in their advertising their status as “non-incorporated studies”, and in cases in which students prove that they were the object of deception, the dependence can take measures, within the legal framework, so that they are as least affected in their academic career.

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