This is what the American city looks like in which a third of its inhabitants are Colombians

This is what the American city looks like in which a third of its inhabitants are Colombians
This is what the American city looks like in which a third of its inhabitants are Colombians

A third of Elizabeth’s inhabitants migrated from Colombia – credit @comunidadhispanaenusa / TikTok

The “most Colombian” city in the United States, according to the portal Hispanic community in the USA, It is located just half an hour from the most exclusive area of ​​New York, and the windows of its main businesses are packed with merchandise and references to the Latin American country.

It is “Elizabeth, New Jersey. This is a small city of 130,000 inhabitants, of which 40,000 are Colombiansthus being the largest minority in a multicultural city with immigrants from all over the world.”

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Locals and visitors to Elizabeth say they feel in a “little overseas corner of Colombia,” where chicharrón, empanadas and arepas are the order of the day, in bars, restaurants and cafes that are served, for the most part, by nationals. .

Signature dishes and Colombian figures occupy the main windows of the city – credit @comunidadhispanaenusa / TikTok

This city has a wonderful location, being just 30 minutes from the New York island of Manhattan. Here you will find all kinds of shops with Colombian items., especially restaurants with very good food. It is definitely a city where you can feel at home,” he celebrated. Hispanic community in the USA in one of his videos with the highest number of views so far.

As is the case with Colombia, some tourists continue to believe that the situation of insecurity and unemployment in Elizabeth is unfavorable, but testimonies are also known, such as that of Uberney Sánchez, who says he has found his second home in this small city on the East coast: “I have lived here for 20 years and it is the best place I could have arrived at.”

“No. San José, California, is the new place with the most Colombians”, “The truth is that everything there is expensive, it is dangerous and there are no jobs”, “I’m sorry to say it, but it is the most dangerous city in New Jersey too”, “Put a chicken roastery and I believe them”, “Very close, in fact, they have a county called Bogotá, but it is pronounced Bogora”, “I live in New Jersey, but last week I was in Elizabeth to see the barefoot eagle show and I was surprised by the number of Colombians”, “I also recommend visiting Central Falls, it is very Colombian and even its “mayor was Colombian,” reads some of the reactions to the publication.

The attraction of some Colombians to visiting the United States is not new. Between 2012 and 2022, at least 10,542,012 Colombian citizens traveled to the north of the continent, but before doing so they were forced to obtain an appointment at the embassy to complete the visa process. However, passing the embassy interview has become a significant challenge for many.

The United States Embassy in Bogotá has recognized that one of the most frequent reasons for visa denials is the intention to travel.

Brent Hanson, former US consul in Panama, explained: “If you really go to Disneyland, that’s fine. You can put that in the application, it’s not something that bothers you. But when we talk about a person who has never traveled to any other country, he does not have the financial ability to travel and he is choosing the most expensive place in the world for his first trip? Dont have much sense”.

The interviewers know the costs of a trip to the United States and what the applicant can earn in a year – credit @gusgrioficial / TikTok

Meanwhile, agencies that provide advice to future travelers such as Miss Americana continue to gain popularity for their work in guiding applicants through this complex process. An advisor from this firm explained that “the visas that are denied the most are those for intention to travel, for parks, for Orlando and for Disney and this happens for several reasons. Not everyone has a profile according to their travel intention. Let’s say: a 40-year-old man, single, without children, who says that he wants to go alone to Orlando, to the parks. “That raises a lot of suspicion.”

The intention to travel to Disney is not always credible – credit / TikTok

The embassy is well aware of the appeal of Disney and its theme parks. However, the excuse of visiting the mouse and its attractions no longer convinces consular officials. As another Miss Americana advisor even suggested, “Hey, the embassy knows that everyone loves Disney, but the embassy also no longer buys the story that you always ask for a visa to go to Disney. They deny them not because people want to go to Disney, but because it is the most obvious, easiest answer.”

The applicant’s profile and the coherence of their travel intention are key in the process. Visa advisors recommend choosing a destination according to the applicant’s financial possibilities and travel history.

According to Hanson, “We know the costs of a trip to Disney, especially if you are a family of 3, 4 or 5 people. It is going to be very expensive, it is more expensive than an annual salary, so we do not believe that and even if we believed that you are going to spend your entire annual salary, it would be very irresponsible to do so on a trip to Disney, so we are protecting you by not giving the visa, if that is really your intention.”

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