Javier Milei will do a show at Luna Park: the reason

Javier Milei will do a show at Luna Park: the reason
Javier Milei will do a show at Luna Park: the reason

President Javier Milei tomorrow he will present his book at the stadium Luna Park and the event will have two parts, since, first there will be the exhibition of “Socialism capitalism and the neoclassical trap” and then the president will give a show in which he will sing the song “Panic Show” by La Renga and will be “the relevant figure” . On stage he will be accompanied by the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni., and deputy José Luis Espert.

This was reported this Tuesday by Adorni, who pointed out: “Tomorrow the president is going to make the presentation, which will have two parts: one where there will be the presentation of the book and the other is a show in which Milei “He is going to participate where he himself is going to sing and he is going to be the relevant figure.” “Unpublished show,” Adorni classified the bet.

Furthermore, Adorni stated that the Government reached an agreement with the National Interuniversity Council. “The Government has made progress in an agreement with the CIN that will allow universities to be provided with the resources, in terms of operating expenses, that we understand are necessary. The idea is that we end the disagreement in budgetary terms. agreed that the adjustment would be around 270%,” Adorni said. And he added that it will be formalized “starting Monday of next week.”

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