Why is it not paid throughout Chile?

Why is it not paid throughout Chile?
Why is it not paid throughout Chile?

Learn the main reason why the Heating Bonus is paid in a single region of Chile and not in all of the country.

By Cristian Latorre

05/21/2024 – 11:36am CLT


Last Tuesday, May 7, the last payment of the Heating Bonusformerly known as Firewood Bonus. This is a benefit that the inhabitants of a single region that comply with the 80% more vulnerable of the Social Household Registry (RSH). However, unfortunately they cannot receive it in other regions for a particular reason.

Check out Why is it not paid throughout Chile? and those who receive the Heating Bonus in the country.

Why is the Heating Bonus not paid throughout Chile? Who are the only ones to receive it?

He Heating Bonus (firewood bonus) was born in response to a demand from Aysén Social Movementbecause Firewood is the main fuel in the area for heating and cooking.. The high expenses that were produced by this fuel made it necessary request a financial contribution and a help for the pocket.

It was not until March 2012 when he current governmentnext to social leaders of the time, They agreed to deliver the exclusive benefit to the inhabitants of Aysénwhich until 2021 was managed by FOSIS. However, since 2022 The benefit became part of the range of contributions and aid of the Ministry of Social Development and Family.

Wood stove

The benefit prioritize the delivery of your contribution to:

  1. Participants of the Security and Opportunities Subsystem.
  2. Families that participate in the National Support and Care System program.
  3. Households that in their composition have at least a person in a situation of moderate or severe dependence.
  4. Homes that have some boy, girl or teenager.
  5. Families that have at least an elderly person.
  6. Homes that have women heads of household.

Heating Bonus: Amount, payment date and check if you received it

The amount of the Heating Bonus is $100,000payment is made through bank transfer to the RUT Account of the beneficiaries or it can also be in person in certain cases.

Between the payment dates that were defined for the Heating Bonus of this 2024 were the following:

Payment date Initial letter of the first surname
04/26/2024 A–B
04/29/2024 C – D – E
04/30/2024 F – G – H – I – J – K
05/02/2024 L – M
05/03/2024 N – Ñ – O – P – Q
05/06/2024 R – S – T
05/07/2024 U – V – W – Y – Z

Go to sonidocalefaccion.gob.cl/consulta and enter your date of birth and RUT to find out if you are one of the beneficiaries of the Heating Bonus in 2024.

In case of receiving the payment in personremember that you have a deadline of 6 months since its granting to request it.


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