Outrage in networks due to a comedian’s bad taste joke about Chocó: “My mother gets me into trouble”

Outrage in networks due to a comedian’s bad taste joke about Chocó: “My mother gets me into trouble”
Outrage in networks due to a comedian’s bad taste joke about Chocó: “My mother gets me into trouble”

Gabriel Murillo and his bad taste joke about Chocó. Photo: screenshot Facebook @CitaráTV

Gabriel Murillo, who will be on the reality show ‘Masterchef Celebrity’, is once again in the eye of the storm for his regionalist jokes in public.

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The Bogotá comedian was on stage recently telling jokes in his particular ‘stand up comedy’ that always causes controversy for his way of doing humor.

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Murillo, who will be one of the participants in the new season of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’, this time made a joking comment about the smell that the department of Chocó must have, since he claims not to know this Colombian territory, and he did it as a way of comparison with an unpleasant situation.

«My mom’s apartment is clean all the time and mine is disgusting, my apartment smells disgusting all the time. My friends say that my apartment smells like Chocó and I think so, a little bit. “I haven’t been to Chocó, but I think Chocó must smell like defeated Yogo Yogo,” the comedian said in public, unleashing laughter among those attending his most recent ‘show’.

Here, the moment of the ‘show’ when Murillo mentions the department of Chocó:

In an interview in which he was asked about his way of doing humor, Murillo explained that he has never written comedy thinking about being controversial or to insult someone, it just comes out: “Nor have I censored myself for not being able to talk about a topic, If I want to talk about something, I’ll talk about it and that’s it. “I don’t force myself to write a joke about this because it’s the topic of the moment or because it’s going to be controversial.”

Despite their explanations, many charge them for their past quality humor and on this occasion the comments for the comedian’s bad taste joke were immediate. Many agreed that humor is one thing and decadence another.

«Humor, no matter how hurtful it may be, must always be defended», «what distinguishes intelligent comedy from tacky comedy is that the former never resorts to making fun of others, nor to offending anyone to cause fun», «discrimination or derogatory comments, whether they are “romantically funny or media-driven” are acts that generate violence, unease, resentment and hatred for an offensive saying or action; It is a matter of “walking in the shoes of others”, “that is the hegemonic Colombianity passed for a joke and that responds to your approach yesterday of trying to ignore regionalism, classism and rampant racism, which you want to attribute to the government of the change”, “the public laughing at our brothers from Chocó. Breathing the air of Bogotá and Medellín is the same as smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. “El Chocó is perhaps the cleanest area with the best air in the world,” were several of the comments left by X users in the video publication.

It is not the first time that Gabriel Murillo causes outrage for one of his jokes

In September 2021, comedian Gabriel Murillo outraged Barranquilla residents with a phrase he launched in his ‘stand up comedy’: “This stupid country has fairs and parties except Bogotá. In Bogotá we have the Summer Festival. In Bogotá, that doesn’t make sense. That’s like bringing the Book Fair to Barranquilla, for what? Those sons don’t eat with cutlery, what can they know how to read? Why lose the money?

At the time, the then mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo Heins, was the voice of many Barranquilla residents and defended the city from the joke made by the Bogota comedian: «There is no greater ignorant person than he who is unaware of his ignorance. We know what we have, how great we are and everything we will achieve. “A bad joke doesn’t stop Barranquilla.”

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