Ombudsman calls for ‘shock plan’ to encourage economic growth in Colombia

Ombudsman calls for ‘shock plan’ to encourage economic growth in Colombia
Ombudsman calls for ‘shock plan’ to encourage economic growth in Colombia

This May 21, the Ombudsman’s Office requested that the Government and the economic sectors generate a shock plan to encourage economic growth in Colombia. after the Dane report was released indicating that in the first quarter of the year the growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) was 0.7 percent.

Compared to this figure, which is lower than that of the same period in 2023, when it was 2.7 percent, and that of 2022, when between January and March it reached 8.2 percent, the Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo Assis said: “it is urgent to implement a shock plan that encourages the country’s economic growth, that stimulates consumption, investment and job creation for Colombians.”

For the representative of the Public Ministry, it is also necessary for the public and private sectors to seek agreements to implement measures to support growth.

“The Government’s commitment is necessary to promote strategic sectors, as is the articulated work with businessmen, SMEs, entrepreneurs and the entire productive apparatus, with the aim of guaranteeing better economic conditions, particularly for the most vulnerable. “said the defender.

Carlos Camargo, Ombudsman.

Photo:Ombudsman’s Office

In addition, Camargo maintained that the Government must execute the resources and strategic projects framed in the General Budget of the National to boost demand and generate well as reducing poverty rates and guaranteeing the rights of Colombians.

“The investments required to boost the economy must be made. Clear signals of legal and economic stability must be given that provide certainty so that investors bring resources that result in the generation of employment and taxation,” added the Ombudsman.

Camargo concluded by saying that it is key that there be “an economic reactivation policy that sends a message of optimism with concrete and real facts.”

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