Where is the waterfall at the end of the world: the natural attraction in Colombia that had been hidden by the war

Where is the waterfall at the end of the world: the natural attraction in Colombia that had been hidden by the war
Where is the waterfall at the end of the world: the natural attraction in Colombia that had been hidden by the war

Waterfall at the end of the world, Putumayo – credit @RafaelAyalaCastillo/X @Wikiedwing

The painful decades of war not only broke ties between loved ones, families and political groups, but also solidified walls of inaccessibility with large portions of the country’s natural wealth, due to the presence of armed groups.

For this reason, vast extensions of the Amazon rainforest, for example, were left out of the destinations to explore and rest for the majority of Colombians, residents of cities and towns. And meanwhile, the roads became another risk, due to the dominance of armed structures.

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However, the circumstances are now different, and areas hit by violence, or to which it was unthinkable to go, are now tourist discoveries that perplex lovers of the nature that Colombian territory offers.

In the department of Putumayo, for example, there is the Fin del Mundo waterfall, which has become a preeminent option for national and foreign travelers. It is classified as a natural paradise, located between Mocoa and Villagarzón, and known for its impressive 75-meter drop and a challenging location, in the middle of the lush Amazon jungle.

Water fall from the Fin del Mundo waterfall – credit Travelografía

The journey to the waterfall requires a challenging walk that can last from an hour and a half to three hours, and that begins from the San José del Pepino path, located six kilometers from Mocoa. During the tour, hikers can admire various minor waterfalls, crystalline rivers and a rich diversity of flora and fauna, in the middle of the Mandiyaco channel. The presence of species such as the paradise tanager, the baby monkey and various butterflies stands out.

According to Colombia Travel, this route is so colorful that “during the journey, different spas with crystalline waterfalls are known. You cross forests, lagoons and caves. It is shocking to see how the passage of water has polished the rocks making them look like tiles.”

Mandiyaco Canyon, near Mocoa – credit @ecoturismoputum/X

Now, the trip should not include worries, since there are also tourist guides designated by tourist entities validated by the authorities. In fact, the travel portal Travelography He highlighted that “although this department has been the scene of the armed conflict in Colombia, The implementation of the Peace Agreement, the resilience of its people and the rise of community tourism have contributed to improving security (…)”; Even so, the call is made to travel with precautions and the company of a guide.

For its part, a journalistic text by The viewer, tourism leader Jesús Huaca, main promoter of the Fin del Mundo Tourism Corporation, has been a key figure in the development of this destination. “I arrived from Cauca in 1971 with a rifle, being an enemy of nature. But we realized that the environment comes first”, he testified, with notes on his story of a change of mentality in favor of conservation and ecotourism.

Previously, this region was marked by the presence of armed groups, which discouraged tourists from visiting. Huaca reports that there were encounters with FARC guerrillas, who controlled the area. Indeed, With the signing of the Peace Agreement between the FARC and the Government, the area experienced a significant increase in tourism. “Once they left here and they started talking about peace, we were able to start working towards the top, fixing the trails and promoting tourism,” said the leader, quoted by the media.

A tourist, at the edge of the waterfall – credit @YoSebasOsorio/X and @fonturcol/X

Improved security conditions have allowed tourists from all over the world to visit the End of the World, who can now enjoy an immersive experience surrounded by nature. The walk is marked by impressive landscapes, including the black well and El Encanto, a three-fall waterfall that forms a lake in front of a restaurant built inside a cave.

The entrance to the waterfall costs 25,000 Colombian pesos, with discounts for those staying in establishments that are within the reserve. “There is nothing left of the times when the only way to ascend the mountain was to hold on to the branches,” said the guide, due to changes in infrastructure that have facilitated access, including stairs and stone paths.

“We call it ‘end of the world’ because before it was very difficult to access. When you reach the last waterfall, at a height of almost 80 meters, there is pure large stone at the bottom,” Huaca explained.

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