Córdoba: a father entered his daughter’s school and got into a fight with five students

Córdoba: a father entered his daughter’s school and got into a fight with five students
Córdoba: a father entered his daughter’s school and got into a fight with five students

The word of Ricardo Pacheco, the director of the Nicolás Copérnico school

It was around 9 p.m. on Monday and there was a tense calm in the air. Observatory Neighborhoodin the city of Cordova. The Provincial Institute of Secondary Education (IPEM) No. 249 “Nicolás Copérnico”, a secondary school with a technical orientation located at 551 Mario Moreno Street, where that same day there were a fight between two girls, over a personal problem, in the school bathroom.

The mother of one of the girls, along with the girl’s sister, immediately went to the school to ask for explanations and burst into the institution to talk to the classmate of the minor involved in the fight. “The coordinator of the institution He told him to leave, that he could not enter the classroom like that, much less interact with minors.“said the director of the school, Ricardo Pacheco, to the program Up Córdoba! which is on Twelve TV.

The woman returned home, told the situation and returned with her husband to the educational center. The unexpected happened when the man, in an apparent state of intoxication – according to the manager – took revenge by his own hand and tried to enter the establishment’s dining room, hitting the teaching staff. And there she got into a fight with five students, three boys and two girls, between 15 and 17 years old.

The entry of the Nicolás Copérnico school in the city of Córdoba

The students had to be assisted by health personnel, but They only suffered minor injurieswhile the man escaped from the scene after the attack and It has not yet been reported if he was arrested.

“We are talking to School Coexistence, from the Ministry of Education, to see how we begin to deal with this with family groups, explaining that this is not the way. Parents have to come talk to the authorities to find a common solution. This is not the way to solve problems between people,” added Pacheco, who reported that a formal presentation was made through the Public Prosecutor’s Office and then it was elevated to the Police.

In July 2003, this school had already experienced an act of extreme violence when un minor under 16 years old was seriously injured with a knife by a classmate.

The delicate situation occurred after a fight between the two inside the bathroom of the school establishment, as reported by the Córdoba Police at the time.

The incident occurred around 11:45 when the minors, whose identities were withheld, They punched each other during recess in the school bathroom, while the Independence Day event was being held. And one of them pulled out a knifewhose characteristics were not specified at that time.

Whoever was armed hit the other young man several injuries in different parts of the body and then fled to his house when teachers and other schoolmates arrived at the scene.

The injured minor was taken to the Emergency Hospital, where he was interned in reserved statusand where it was found that the minor under 16 years of age “received between 10 and 12 stab cuts to the face, neck, chest and abdomen“, reported the head of the Guard Héctor Juri.

Meanwhile, a police vehicle, in charge of Commissioner Toranzo, He went to the aggressor’s home and proceeded to arrest him. in the case in which the Juvenile Justice of the provincial Courts also intervened. The attacked minor was discharged 15 days after the incident.

On the other hand, in June 2010, A technical drawing teacher from IPEM 249 was slashed in the head with a razor by a student. The victim, José Manuel González (67), was attacked by a young man while climbing the school stairs and had to be treated at a nearby health center.

For his part, the aggressor managed to hide among a group of students, police sources said at the time. Finally, in 2016 almost 350 signatures in a virtual petition under the request for “stop the violence” at that educational institution.

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