driver lost control after being stabbed

driver lost control after being stabbed
driver lost control after being stabbed

Jazmín Fontenelles Jiménez, 52 years old, is the fatal victim of a traffic accident caused by an event that had nothing to do with her.

Fontanelles’ death occurred at noon on Monday on 26th Street and 27th Street, in the Soledad Railway neighborhood, where he traveled in a motorcar.

“My mother was riding a motorcycle as a passenger, she was going to pay the gas bill in the Hipódromo neighborhood when the driver was attacked with a knife, the man lost control of the vehicle and they fell to the ground. “A man on a bicycle attacked him.”he said Anthony Escorcia Fontanellesson of the deceased, without knowing exactly why the person who was on the bicycle injured the driver of the motorcycle.

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The woman was rushed to the IPS Cedeates, located a few meters from where the events occurred. However, she died from blows and fractures to her body.

Jazmín was a housewife and mother of 6 children.

Family and friends ask the authorities to investigate the case and ensure that his death does not go unpunished.

“We want them to investigate, it is not possible for a woman full of life to die because of the insecurity we are experiencing,” said a friend of the woman outside Forensic Medicine.


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