Security plans and rewards announced in Cauca

Security plans and rewards announced in Cauca
Security plans and rewards announced in Cauca

Next Wednesday, the Intersector Commission for Rapid Response to Early Warnings (CIPRAT) will meet to consolidate a comprehensive strategy that will strengthen security in the south-west of Colombia. In a recent security meeting in Popayán, the National Government announced a significant increase in the Public Force offensive in Cauca, focusing on more robust military and police intelligence operations.

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Cutting-edge Technology and Rewards to Capture Ringleaders

In a joint effort, the Ministry of the Interior and the Government of Cauca will allocate nearly 25 billion pesos in advanced technology, including facial recognition cameras and artificial intelligence software. These tools will not only increase surveillance but also improve the ability to respond to suspicious activities.

In addition, a reward of up to 500 million pesos has been offered for information that leads to the capture of the main leaders of the FARC dissidents, specifically the Jaime Martínez front. This measure seeks to weaken criminal structures that have affected the peace and security of the region.

Reinforcement of Carabineros and Commitment of the Authorities

During the security council, the deployment of at least 100 additional police officers in the municipalities most affected by violence was also announced, ensuring the permanent presence of troops in each police station in the department. This increase in forces is carried out with the full support of the Military Forces and under the direction of General William Salamanca, Director of the National Police.

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The Minister of the Interior, Luis Fernando Velasco, expressed his confidence in the capacity of Colombia’s law enforcement forces, highlighting their international recognition and the transfer of knowledge to other police forces in the world. Velasco also emphasized the need for a dual strategy that combines military and police actions with an economic approach to transform the bases of the local economy, currently dependent on illicit crops.


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