The Las Marionetas nurse did not accept charges, today they define an insurance measure for him

Photo | Archive | HOMELAND Juan Carlos Martínez Rodríguez, the Nurse or the Man with the Briefcase, from Las Marionetas.


At this time, the hearing in which the Prosecutor’s Office supports the intramural security measure is brought forward at this time before the 16th Guarantees Control Court of Bogotá that requests for Juan Carlos Martínez Rodríguez, the Nurse or the Man with the Briefcase, from Las Marionetas, hand right of the deceased former Caldense senator Mario Castaño Pérez.

As LA PATRIA reported, the politician surrendered to the authorities last week. On Friday, the proceedings began in which the prosecuting body charged him with conspiracy to commit aggravated crimes, money laundering, embezzlement by appropriation, undue interest in the celebration of contracts, concussion, falsification of a private document and alteration or concealment of evidentiary material.

The hearing continued yesterday and the defendant did not accept charges. Although today the Prosecutor’s Office asks to send him to jail, it is most likely that he will be confined in the Bunker. His safety must be taken care of given that he has stated that he will collaborate with justice in this network that has allowed 45 people to be arrested.

“From this accusation a matrix of the process emerges that could compromise more people, since the accused is ready to collaborate with justice,” the Court said.

The Nurse gave instructions, delegated functions, ordered the payment of bribes and commissions and verified compliance with the instructions. tasks entrusted to achieve the illicit purposes of the organization. He was part of Castaño Pérez’s Legislative Work Unit in Congress. He earned a salary without doing anything.

Below is a talk by Juan Carlos Martínez.

Who is it?

  • Juan Carlos Martínez, 52 years old, had been fleeing justice for 787 days.
  • He is a dentist from the University of Antioquia, owner of the La Familia Odontológico office, located in the Los Agustinos neighborhood of Manizales. He likes politics, roosters, riding a bicycle and rumba. He was manager of Assbasalud ESE until March 31, 2020.
  • The Briefcase Man is mentioned in a large part of the 3,500 calls that the Prosecutor’s Office intercepted to find this gang.
  • “It was established that between Castaño Pérez and Martínez Rodríguez there was a very important linkto the extent that the latter presented himself as his advisor, which allowed him to act as their representative before different actors of municipal and national public entities”.
  • “At first you had to contact the people that Juan Carlos indicated for the purposes to coordinate the orientation of the processes, who sent them some model specifications so that they could be adjusted, including experience conditions.


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