Javier Milei will present his book at Luna Park and sing in an “unpublished show”

Javier Milei will present his book at Luna Park and sing in an “unpublished show”
Javier Milei will present his book at Luna Park and sing in an “unpublished show”

The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, today revealed the “surprise” that Javier Milei had announced yesterday: the spokesperson announced that the president will present his book tomorrow at the Luna Park stadium. “Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trap” in an event that will include a musical show that he himself will lead.

“Tomorrow at 8 p.m., the president will present his latest book at Luna Park. The presentation will have two parts: one will be the actual presentation of the book, where President Milei will present at a lectern, and there will be another part where President Milei is going to participate in a show where he himself is going to sing. Unpublished of course in Argentina,” the spokesperson reported today.

In his usual press conference held at the Casa Rosada, Adorni clarified that the event is strictly personal to the President, that it will be financed with his own money, and that it is not a “celebration”: “The president does not celebrate anything at all, He is simply at an event that he himself finances presenting the book that he could not do at the Book Fair at the time. If there is something that the president in such a case is personally satisfied with, it is to promote a book again, to disseminate his ideas through ideas,” he highlighted.

Milei had planned to present his work on May 12 at the Book Fair, where he would be accompanied by the national deputy José Luis Espert. However, he decided to change the venue for the event, alleging that they encountered strong hostility towards him during negotiations with the Fair authorities.

Tomorrow, Milei will be accompanied by Espert, who a little over a month ago officially joined La Libertad Avanza and became one of the president’s main swords in Congress.

Throughout his academic career, Milei has written 17 books. This will be the number 18, with the particularity that it will be presented in the middle of his presidential term. As this medium was able to find out, the text will display arguments in favor of capitalism and will show data to point out the “superiority” of that system enhanced by the First Industrial Revolution to the detriment of other modes of production.

In his theoretical proposals, Milei questions socialism for being a “impoverishing system” and critically analyzes some postulates of neoclassical theory. It is an economic school preceding the Austrian School that the President proclaims. The neoclassicalists provided part of the intellectual support for the neoliberal policies that were implemented in the world between the 70s and 90s.

Within his analysis, Milei points out against the “market failures” that the neoclassicals postulate; Among them, monopolies, oligopolies, monopsonies and oligopsonies stand out. As well as different types of externalities that, according to this economic school, disturb free competition and produce imbalances in the market. From a monetarist and Austrian approach, the Head of State seeks to refute these ideas.

In another part of his conference, the presidential spokesperson announced that the Government reached an agreement with the National Interuniversity Council (CIN) to guarantee financing funds for national universities, beyond the UBA.

“The Government has made progress in an agreement with the CIN that will allow universities to be provided with the resources in terms of operating expenses that we understand are necessary. It was agreed that indeed the adjustment is around 270%. If there is no black swan, no complications, It will be formalized on Monday of next week“Adorni detailed.

Last week, a month after the highest point in the conflict over the educational budget between the Government and the national universitiesthe UBA announced that it had reached an agreement for the funds and, consequently, lifted the state of emergency that ruled the establishment. However, the dispute continued in the institutions from the rest of the country who demanded that they they have not yet reached any agreement with the authorities and ask that the same money be transferred to them as that arranged for the University of Buenos Aires.

The University of Buenos Aires managed to agree on a sum according to its needs. Is about $26,016,488,265 that the Government will transfer to them to cover the Operating Expenses and other $35,436,785,336.00 to sustain health care levels, without harming the rest of the functions they carry out.

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