Radio Havana Cuba | Governor and vice-governor of Santiago de Cuba took office

The Governor and vice-governor of Santiago de Cuba took office today.

Santiago de Cuba, May 21 (RHC) In a solemn ceremony led by the president of the National Assembly of People’s Power Esteban Lazo and the vice prime minister Inés María Chapman, the Governor and vice governor of Santiago de Cuba took office today.

In the Hall of Stained Glass in the Plaza de la Revolución, Mayor General Antonio Maceo, the Governor of Santiago de Cuba Manuel Falcón and the Vice Governor Waldis González received the certificates that accredit them as such, as established by the Cuban Electoral Law.

Governor and Vice Governor of Antiago de Cuba

The member of the Political Bureau Esteban Lazo explained that the new Provincial Government Council of Santiago de Cuba serves as a hinge between the central bodies and the municipalities, its cadres will have the responsibility of continuing to investigate, think and work for the people.

He emphasized that in the art of governing and directing there are steps that cannot be forgotten: the objective, the instruments, how to do or implementation, control and individual responsibility, as well as the demand and impact of what has been done.

To achieve this, popular participation and control plays an important role, promoting science, technology and innovation “as Fidel taught us,” he stressed.

Governor Falcón Hernández reaffirmed that in today’s battle the only worthy victories are those obtained together with the people, with loyalty to the Party and commitment to social justice.

He considered that the new positions will be combat positions, an opportunity to serve, help and save, to work tirelessly so that Santiago de Cuba is an economic and social reference, which is the best way to honor its history.

At the ceremony, the current first Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party, Beatriz Johnson Urrutia, was recognized for her dedication during 12 years in the direction of the government, first as vice president, president and finally as Governor.

When describing the main challenges of the Provincial Council, Johnson Urrutia, insisted on the need to encourage managers and the people so that the province, municipalities, organizations, companies and work centers comply with the technical economic plans.

And he called to confront crime, illegalities and corruption, to increase the control and quality of construction works as well as to guarantee the growth of food production, as well as compliance with the commercial production plan, to make the province more beautiful. hygienic, orderly and disciplined. (Source:PL)

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