More than $4 billion in marijuana were seized in Huila

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In Íquira and La Plata, 1.2 and 3.88 tons of marijuana were seized respectively andn two discoveries that occurred over the weekend.

During the last hours in the jurisdiction of the municipality of La Plata, the Transit and Transportation Section of the Huila Police Department seized 3.88 tons of marijuana that apparently had left Cauca bound for the center of the country.

The discovery of the marijuana stash was possible thanks to the effective and forceful action of men from the Traffic and Transportation Section of the Police with the support of units of the Colombian National Army.

With this seizure of 3.88 tons of marijuana, the armed groups stopped receiving nearly $3,000 million pesos, which if dosed would be 3 million doses, which were prevented from reaching the streets of Colombia and the world.

In this operational action, a person was captured and will have to answer for the crime of drug trafficking. Likewise, a van-type vehicle and two cell phones with valuable information for the investigation were seized.

In a second discovery over the weekend, uniformed officers from the Íquira Police Station found 1.2 tons of marijuana in an abandoned vehicle on the road that leads from the urban center of this municipality to the town center of Pacarí.

This second to the stash would have a value on the black market of one billion pesos, money that criminal groups in Cauca and western Huila stopped receiving.


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