They order an audit in Soledad after complaints of corruption by ghost schools

They order an audit in Soledad after complaints of corruption by ghost schools
They order an audit in Soledad after complaints of corruption by ghost schools

In response to complaints about alleged irregularities in the provision of educational services under the system of subsidies and scholarships, The mayor of Soledad, Alcira Sandoval Ibáñez, announced an audit to evaluate the real number of beneficiaries, compliance with contractual guidelines and the quality of the educational service offered in the municipality.

According to the complaint from the local newspaper El Heraldo, the five locations of the San Judas Tadeo school, one of the educational establishments contracted to serve the out-of-school population, are not working. Some are abandoned and others do not exist as such.

“Given the media complaints about this delicate matter, I have decided to hire a comprehensive audit for the schools with their headquarters and, obviously, for the students who are in the Simat Platform. We will audit because I came to the government practically at the beginning of the school year and the contracting process with the private educational sector, which has been carried out in Soledad for many years, should have been carried out with the legal provision of the entire process and under the parameters determined by the Ministry of Education, however, in order to give peace of mind to the community, my government decides to audit this process,” highlights Mayor Sandoval.

Alcira Sandoval, mayor of Soledad, Atlántico.

Photo:Soledad Mayor’s Office

The president emphasizes that the measure seeks to offer clarity to both the Government and the community about the way in which educational services are provided to the student population residing in vulnerable sectors not covered by the official system.

Secretary of Education assures that it is a mistake

In relation to the complaints of alleged irregularities at the San Judas Tadeo school, several official clarifications have been issued.

The Secretary of Education of Soledad assures that The current resolution for the execution of contract N°SG-CD-2024-C0091 of 2024 is N°0070 of 2023, and not No. 1052 of 2021, “as erroneously reported.”

“This error, based on a possibly incorrect source, led the newspaper to imprecise conclusions about the photos and addresses of the educational sites published,” the agency’s report states.

To clarify, The offices that are serving the population are located in:

– Race 3C #50-56, Soledad, with tradition certificate provided in the SECOP process.
– Calle 69 #5C-09 Soledad, with lease agreement authenticated on March 12, 2024.
– Calle 59 #4B-15 Soledad, with lease agreement authenticated on March 12, 2024.
– Diagonal 76 #8AC-22 Soledad, with lease agreement authenticated on March 12, 2024.

“The San Judas Tadeo school has 1,533 students registered in the Enrollment System (SIMAT), served in two academic days. Therefore, it is not true that there are “ghost students,” indicates the Secretary of Education.

Secretary of Education lies: councilor Brayan Orozco

Brayan Orozco, councilor of Soledad.

Photo:Taken from social networks

For his part, Soledad councilor Bryan Orozco accused the Secretary of Education, Aida Ojeda, of lying about educational places in private schools and has announced that he will request his removal from office from the Attorney General’s Office.

In dialogue with Emisora ​​Atlántico, Orozco warns that the official could affect the evidentiary material of the investigation and suggests the existence of a criminal mafia behind these irregularities.

“The control agencies must act now and not wait for children from Sitionuevo (Magdalena) to come to fill the school places that are not in Soledad,” Orozco told journalist Jorge Cura.

ANDThe councilor wrote in his “They are stealing the money from education in Soledad,” he denounced while requesting the intervention of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office.

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