What is known about the “May act” so far and what mobilizations there will be in Capital

What is known about the “May act” so far and what mobilizations there will be in Capital
What is known about the “May act” so far and what mobilizations there will be in Capital

“It will not be ‘the May pact’, it will be ‘the May act’.” The comment runs through the corridors of El Panal, where the confusion over the event that President Javier Milei will lead in Córdoba capital (most likely it will be in the Cabildo) is total and disrupted the planned agenda for the official celebrations. which will be in the city of Río Cuarto at mid-morning.

There, Governor Martín Llaryora will lead the civic-military parade in the morning and then must return to the provincial capital to receive the President.

This Tuesday, spokesman Manuel Adorni confirmed that Milei and his cabinet will arrive in Córdoba on Saturday at 3:00 p.m.

Sources from the provincial government, with minimal information available, anticipate that the president will be between two and three hours in the city, with the epicenter in the historic Town Hall.

“The event will take place around 3 in the afternoon. Later we will give you the details of this national holiday. It is not a political defeat. I don’t understand why someone could be making this reading,” said Adorni, confirming the act and not the pact (which, Milei assured, would be signed later).

As far as he could know The voice, an advance party from Casa Militar will arrive in Córdoba on Wednesday to plan the security operation. In any case, the provincial police and the federal forces deployed in this jurisdiction had already held some meetings due to the complexity that the custody of Milei and dozens of governors was going to represent, now everything will be under the command of the Military House.

What is known

  • Hour: from 15
  • Place: Historic Town Hall area (Plaza San Martín), in Córdoba capital
  • Participants: Javier Milei and ministers of his cabinet.
  • For Córdoba: Governor Martín Llaryora will accompany the President.
Guilds and social organizations march towards the Courts in rejection of the national government’s DNU. (Ramiro Pereyra / The Voice)

What will the event be about?

It is also not clear what Milei’s event in Córdoba will be about. It is speculated that there could be a military formation, perhaps including the grenadiers, that serves as an “institutional” excuse.

In the Municipality of Córdoba they are reluctant to give up the historic Town Hall for a partisan event.

For their part, unions and political and social organizations began organizing different direct protest actions this Tuesday. And on Wednesday afternoon, they will hold a plenary session at the historic headquarters of the CGT in which different unions and organizations will participate.

The demonstration will be confirmed there, although there are different opinions regarding the time: some propose that it be at noon, and others want to share the time with the libertarian leader’s act.

It is not ruled out that national union leaders will arrive in Córdoba, such as the head of ATE, Rody Aguiar. The left-wing groups are betting on a march at the same time as the Milei event.

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