A woman was charged after the demolition of two drug bunkers

A woman was charged after the demolition of two drug bunkers
A woman was charged after the demolition of two drug bunkers

A 40-year-old woman was charged yesterday in the framework of a criminal file being processed by the MPA in which she is investigated for the sale of drugs in the city of Santa Fe.

The criminal attribution to EECM was carried out by prosecutor Agustín Nigro in a hearing that took place in the courts of the provincial capital before the judge of the Preparatory Criminal Investigation (IPP), Nicolás Falkenberg.

At the request of the woman’s defense, the hearing on precautionary measures was scheduled for tomorrow. Prosecutor Nigro announced that he will request the woman’s preventive detention.

The destruction of the bunkers located in the Barranquitas neighborhood took place on Monday morning. Credits: Flavio Raina.

The MPA official recalled that “in this same investigation, three men who were accused of the same crime were remanded in preventive detention last week.”

Two gates and two buildings located in the vicinity of 4,100 Cochabamba Street were demolished yesterday as part of the investigation in which the four people were remanded in custody.

Vigo explained that “the demolition carried out by the Ministry of Security is the product of the criminal analysis that we have been carrying out in the Microtrafficking Team of the Attorney General’s Office and that is then worked on with prosecutors throughout the province.”

“Following the prioritization criteria established by the Attorney General, María Cecilia Vranicich, we have been carrying out interagency work, in which micro-trafficking cases linked to highly harmful violence are selected, certain drug sales points are addressed and, in this case , ended up materializing in the recovery of a public space that has a very important symbolic effect,” said prosecutor Diego Vigo, of the Microtrafficking Team of the MPA Attorney General’s Office.

In this sense, he added that “this type of actions is a substantial contribution to social pacification and allows neighbors to regain a certain peace of mind.”

Vigo also explained that “these constructions were on public lands that belong to the province of Santa Fe, they were absolutely irregular and they did not have the corresponding municipal authorizations.”

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