Neiva 4G Project – Espinal

Neiva 4G Project – Espinal
Neiva 4G Project – Espinal

With the completion of the Rincón Santo intersection (km 4 of the Guamo Tolima bypass) and 400 meters of single carriageway in the Los Naranjos sector (km 176+100 of the Espinal bypass), the 4G Neiva-Espinal-Girardot project, concessioned by the National Infrastructure Agency, it fully enters the operation and maintenance stage.

This project improves connectivity between the departments of Huila, Tolima, Putumayo, Nariño and Caquetá with the center and south of the country, increases tourism and facilitates the transportation and marketing of agricultural products as important as rice and lemon, among others. of great relevance for the region. Likewise, it boosts economic sectors such as coffee, livestock and, of course, rice.

“The connectivity of the interior of the country with the coffee and rice production centers of the departments of Huila and Tolima, as well as the strategic route to the south and Ecuador, are benefiting from the Neiva-Espinal-Girardot 4G project that is now In its entirety it enters the operation and maintenance stage, becoming a key road corridor for the development of the country. It is important to note that, to enter this stage, the completion of specific works was required, which was possible thanks to the management carried out by the National Infrastructure Agency and the concessionaire Autovía Neiva Girardot,” indicated Francisco Ospina, president of the ANI.

Completion of the works

Although the official delivery of the corridor took place in June 2022, the completion of these works was required, which was possible thanks to the management carried out by the ANI, through the concessionaire, after addressing the force majeure situation presented. on the La Guaca property related to archeology activities. In this sense, the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History (ICANH) presented recommendations for controlled monitoring activities.

It should be noted that the Rincón Santo intersection consists of an overpass over the two main roads, complemented by two lateral roundabouts to the east and west, to make returns and turns safely, which allow the connection of the municipality of Guamo with the area. north and south of Tolima.

Likewise, the works were completed in the Los Naranjos K176+100 sector of the Espinal variant, after reaching agreements with the community on the construction of a safe level crossing, which connects the municipalities of Espinal and Coello and the surrounding villages. .

Among other works that were completed are the Espinal Sur 2 vehicular bridge, which provides a solution for the mobility of machinery, a commitment initially established within the agreements of prior consultations and socializations and which today benefits the farmers and agricultural producers in the area. .

The pedestrian bridges of the Saldaña and Guamo Norte mega school, the Chontaduro pedestrian bridge, their corresponding lighting, urban planning and whereabouts were also completed. In addition, access to the Espinal Sur 1 and Glorieta Sena vehicular bridges.

Information of interest about the project

The project has 198.35 km fully executed, an investment of $1.2 billion (pesos as of December 2023) and during its construction 6,034 jobs were generated.

It included the construction of 44 bridges, six pedestrian bridges, a second carriageway of 76.38 km, the improvement of 21 km, the construction of 3.5 km of new single carriageway, the rehabilitation of 170 km, and, of course, the operation and maintenance of the 198.35 km that are part of this road corridor.

The construction of 76.38 km of second roads took place between Neiva-Aipe, in Huila; and between Saldaña-El Espinal, in Tolima.

The construction and recent commissioning of 15.3 km of dual carriageway between Neiva and Campo Dina stands out; 17.2 km of dual carriageway between Campo Dina and Aipe; 15.4 km of dual carriageway between Saldaña and Guamo; and 20.5 km of dual carriageway between Guamo and Espinal.

This project benefits more than 603,000 inhabitants of 10 municipalities in Tolima and Huila. These are Rivera, Palermo, Neiva and Aipe, in Huila and Natagaima, Coyaima, Saldaña, Guamo, El Espinal and Flandes, in Tolima.

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