Once again the ACPA national awards stay in Las Tunas

Las Tunas.- Two of the prizes awarded by the Cuban Animal Production Association (Acpa) went to Las Tunas producers, to the figures of the credit and services cooperative (CCS) Sabino Pupo Milián, from the municipality of Amancio, and its president , Omelio Castellanos Carmona.

The unit, established on August 20, 1979, includes some 1,342 hectares that are distributed among 70 farms owned by 14 owners and 56 usufructuaries. Most of them are dedicated to livestock farming as their fundamental activity, although they diversify their productions.

Located in the community of Pedernales, the collective has remained among those with the best results in recent years, thanks to the will of its members and the incorporation of different international projects that have provided them with valuable material resources.

They are also recognized for the use of renewable energy through windmills, soil management and harmful insect pests, milk quality, silvopastoral systems for livestock, intensive cultivation of forage plants and comprehensive development of the animals.

Likewise, they are distinguished by artificial insemination, the application of organic matter, the intercropping of different lines, agroecological practices and staggered planting of vegetables throughout the year, to guarantee stable supply for the community and the municipality.

Due to their intense work, they have been able to participate in agricultural fairs, donations to Health and Education institutions and other activities that benefit residents in the surrounding area, such as providing care to schools, warehouses and medical offices, as well as the repair of rural roads.

apocoop amancio20Castellanos Carmona received the Doctor Guillermo Leyva Award, in the individual producer category, for the comprehensive results of his farm in the Kilometer 6 area, which includes more than 40 hectares of extensive pastures and plantations of animal feed and various crops.

On his lands he owns more than 150 cattle, about 60 sheep, about 30 pigs and a hundred Creole chickens, as well as geese, guanajos and other birds. It also dedicates part of its areas to planting permanent or seasonal viands, vegetables and fruits.

He has a long history as a farmer; He even has the medals for the 60th and 61st anniversaries of the National Association of Small Farmers, the “Antero Regalado”, the “Romárico Cordero” and the 60th anniversary of the Agrarian Reform Law.

From the point of view of the comprehensive management of the farm, it stands out for its soil conservation actions, multipurpose tree planting and the use of green fertilizers, vermiculture and biocompost. Also, due to the use of forage machines, irrigation systems and animal traction.

Dr. Guillermo Leyva González was one of the bastions of Cuban veterinary medicine and promoter of work in research and study of that specialty. In gratitude for his example and teachings, ACPA established an award named after him for those who stand out the most in livestock development.

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