Cuba congratulates the new president of the Parliament of Vietnam

Cuba congratulates the new president of the Parliament of Vietnam
Cuba congratulates the new president of the Parliament of Vietnam

In a letter sent to his Vietnamese counterpart, Lazo affirmed that the relations of friendship and solidarity between both institutions are based on the historic brotherhood forged by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and President Ho Chi Minh since the difficult years of the fight for the liberation of that Asian nation and its reconstruction.

He pointed out that these ties are characterized by trust and multidimensional cooperation, in which political coordination at the highest level prevails, the willingness to share experiences of the renewal process and the firm commitment to elevate bilateral ties towards strategic collaboration.

He also reiterated the conviction that both nations will continue to strengthen relations of friendship, mutual understanding and cooperation.

He also highlighted that the Vietnamese people, together with the Communist Party and its leaders, have managed to position themselves as one of the nations with the fastest and highest economic development through their industriousness.

In this regard, Esteban Lazo ratified the commitment to continue sharing valuable experiences for the construction of Socialism in both countries and to continue contributing to the comprehensive development of bilateral relations.

He pointed out in the letter that Cuba today faces the most aggressive blockade policy by the United States, but it advances and consolidates its Revolution, together with its people and the unbreakable friendship and solidarity of the Vietnamese people.

The member of the Political Bureau and permanent vice president of the National Assembly of the 15th Legislature, Tran Thanh Man, was elected the day before by the Parliament as head of the legislative body of the 15th Legislature.

According to information from the Vietnamese News Agency (VNA), in the vote, held as part of the agenda of the seventh parliamentary session, the 475 deputies present, equivalent to 97.54 percent of the total, cast votes in favor .


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