Cúcuta: 20 Inpec officials have been threatened with death

Cúcuta: 20 Inpec officials have been threatened with death
Cúcuta: 20 Inpec officials have been threatened with death

Union directives Inpec in Cúcuta reports that so far this year, 20 prison officials have been victims of death threats.

Carlos Arturo Ramoslawyer and legal advisor to Inpec unions in Norte de Santander, told RCN Radio FM that “the panorama is worrying in terms of security, there is fear among officials due to the threats they have received and that proceed from the same jailnone of them have a security scheme.”

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Likewise, Mr. Ramos said that in the last year two Inpec officials were murdered in Cúcuta.

“We must put a magnifying glass on the detention centers, where today the power mafias, the organized crime structures are ordering killings, extortion, ordering kidnappings, ordering thefts, developing from the penitentiary centers the criminal behaviors that citizens suffer today. in all regions of the country, especially in Cúcuta,” said Carlos Arturo Ramos.

The last homicide was recorded on the night of January 31 This year, in a hitman attack, 40-year-old dragooner Carlos Andrés Sandoval was murdered. According to police information, two men shot him several times when he was enjoying a moment of rest with his family.

Later, a video was known through social networks in which they threaten the officials of the penitentiary center, this was recorded by a Venezuelan transnational criminal group that calls themselves “the red car gang”who warn with automatic weapons of the murderous actions they will take against the Inpec guards who insist on exercising controls in the detention centers.

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Given the threats that the 20 Inpec officialsthere are fears for their safety amid the increase in hitman attacks and clashes by various transnational gangs, despite the fact that the vast majority of their leaders are deprived of their freedom.

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