“Justice for Mateo”: They protest in front of the Elqui Clinic for the death of a minor

A massive demonstration in front of the Red Salud Elqui clinic in La Serena was carried out yesterday by members of the community of the Conde Marín Educational Project, where the 9-year-old boy was studying, who died after being treated at said health center as a result of peritonitis. , despite having been initially diagnosed with a viral condition.

In this regard, his family and those close to him point to the responsibility that the clinic had in this outcome, which is why they seek justice to be done and so that an event of this nature is not repeated.

The director of the Conde Marín Educational Project (school), Carolina Torres, said that they are dedicated to providing education to minors with autism spectrum disorder, a condition that the deceased child had, who was a second-year student at that educational unit. “We came here as people to ask for justice (for the child) and we believe that a law should be executed so that there are better protocols, especially in health services.

And not only because this happens to a non-verbal autistic child, but because we also have a population of older adults who are mobile when looking at my other students and there is the possibility that it could happen again, it is complicated,” said the teacher.

Meanwhile, the vice president of the American Autism Foundation, Alicia Acuña, stated that they always saw the little boy in good condition, so it was shocking to learn of his death. “For us it was a tremendous blow,” she said, adding to the call for more protocols in the health area for people with ASD, “because it’s like the luck of the draw. There are very trained professionals and others who are not,” she pointed out. reduced or cannot speak and it cannot be that health centers cannot do an ultrasound to rule out possible appendicitis. We want to make that visible.”

For her part, the minor’s teacher, Boni Contreras, regretted what happened, indicating that, although the child did not have verbal language, he was able to communicate. “He was not an aggressive child, he was happy, happy, he worked in class and it is difficult not to have him at school now,” she said.

In fact, he admits that it has been difficult for them to accept the facts, “because I never in my life thought I would go through something like this. The feeling that you are no longer here

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