La Rioja gives the green light to the mental and emotional health prevention project in AP

La Rioja gives the green light to the mental and emotional health prevention project in AP
La Rioja gives the green light to the mental and emotional health prevention project in AP

The Government Council of La Rioja has agreed to sign, through the Ministry of Health and Social Policies, the agreement with the Rioja Health Foundation for the development of the projectand innovation and improvement of the citizen care process in mental and emotional health, which will be deployed between this year and 2025. The project will be developed between this year and 2025 and will have a budget of more than one and a half million euros with the collaboration of the La Caixa Foundation.

This was reported by the Minister of Health and Social Policies, María Martín, in the press conference after the Government Council, who recalled that the World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a complete state of physical well-being. , mental and social, and not just the absence of illness or disease.

María Martín has highlighted that the final objective of the ‘Healthily’ plan, in which the La Caixa Foundation will collaborate both with financial contributions and with specialized personnel to improve the mental and emotional health of Rioja residents, following the lines marked by the IV Strategic Mental Health Plan of La Rioja. To this end, levels of psychological intervention will be established in Primary Care – the backbone of the health care received by Riojan citizens -, aimed at both the adult population and children and youth, with special attention to rural areas and the most vulnerable groups. vulnerable.

This purpose will be realized in the hiring of ten psychologists who will carry out their work in health centers in Logroño, Calahorra and Haro. These professionals will support prevention and psychological intervention actions.

The aim is to implement (on a pilot basis) and analyze the effectiveness of a transdiagnostic prevention program (teaching emotional regulation skills, emotional awareness, coping-exposure, cognitive flexibility and psychoeducation) in a group format.

It is expected that the implementation of preventive programs will lead to an improvement in emotional symptoms (anxiety and depression), improve quality of life and psychological well-being, and provide tools for better emotional management in daily life.

The aspiration of this project is to advance the emotional well-being and mental health of the people of Rioja, for which a redefinition and improvement of the public system’s response to mental health needs will be undertaken in La Rioja, which ranges from action protocols for monitoring actions, both for individuals in particular and for society as a whole.

In parallel, in addition to the ten specialists in Primary Care, the ‘Healthily’ Plan also finances the hiring of five psychologists who will focus on child and adolescent neurodevelopment deficits, such as Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) among others. , which influence the academic performance and failure of students.

Likewise, there will be an administrative technician with analysis capacity, because it is not just a care device, but a research one, which will allow each user to be personally evaluated and, based on the results, advance their personalized care.

Currently, different countries, such as the United Kingdom and Norway, have implemented similar programs such as: ‘Improving access to psychological therapies’, which have shown that 50% of those who attend have improved and that 75% have noticed a clear improvement. Furthermore, they estimate that 80% of all mental health consultations in primary care are for anxiety-depressive symptoms. For its part, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines indicate that psychological intervention is the first-choice treatment for mild and moderate depressive symptoms, as well as for many anxiety disorders. This could translate into a decrease in the use of anxiolytics as rescue medication and, possibly, would reduce the high pressure on care in the Mental Health Units of the SNS.

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