Teachers go on 24-hour layoff due to failures in health care

Teachers go on 24-hour layoff due to failures in health care
Teachers go on 24-hour layoff due to failures in health care

Following guidelines from the Guaviare ADEG Educators Association, after the waiting period granted by the teachers for the Fiduprevisora ​​to fulfill some health care requests from the teachers. The union leader pointed out that after meeting and addressing the issues of more than 20 cases of referrals and another case of teacher illnesses, the ADEG decided to cease activities for 24 hours.

The teachers will remain in the information assembly from 7:00 am and say that they agree with the health model proposed by the Government, what they do not share is the way it is being applied.

Mr. Yublin says that the services they receive from the IPS Nueva Salud Integral and the First Level ESE have been of good quality for them, what they reject are the non-compliance in the matter of referrals that have already been given, which It is unknown where the care service will be provided in Villavicencio and Bogotá because apparently there is no contract with the clinics.

The urgent requests are between 10 and 12 people with pathologies requiring urgent treatment and another 10 with minor oncological pathologies.

Professor Yublin stated that he hopes that Fiduprevisora ​​will solve these problems today. Regarding relations with Fecode, he says that the decision to cease activities is accepted by the Federation.

Efficient, effective and timely is the demand in the health service that the teachers make to the National Government in terms of medical services. The cessation of activities covers educational institutions in urban and rural areas, concluded the union leader.


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