SLP cyber police release phone numbers of extortionists

False pages and the use of text messages to steal personal and banking data have also been detected.

By: Editorial

The Cyber ​​Police of the capital’s Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection detected new phone numbers sinces that try to extort people, among which are: 846 117 1406, 485 132 2468, 332 631 3265, 444 122 4349, 444 299 8765, 229 684 6642 and 814 347 3062.


It was suggested not to answer them and, if you did, hang up and immediately contact relatives who have been mentioned as alleged victims, and above all Do not make any deposit of money.

Likewise, it was detected a fake website that impersonates the official Totalplay site with the aim of stealing personal and financial informationto; It was highlighted that the correct or official URL of Totalplay is, so if the URL you visit is different, you should not enter it.


The corporation asked users to spot suspicious designs, as fake pages often have low-quality design and spelling or grammatical errors, and to protect yourself from fraud it is better not to enter information about financial or personal data.

Also, now that The season of offers known as “Hot Sale” is in force. It is recommended to avoid being a victim of fraud, for example with false messages with malicious links that make people believe that there is a problem with the delivery. of your articles seeking to steal your personal and banking information.

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