The governor of Chaco launched the “We are Education in Territory” Program

The governor of Chaco launched the “We are Education in Territory” Program
The governor of Chaco launched the “We are Education in Territory” Program

The governor of Chaco launched the “We are Education in Territory” Program

Governor Leandro Zdero, accompanied by the Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Technology, Sofía Naidenoff, this Wednesday, from Basail launched the “We are Education in Territory” program.

The objective is to guarantee access and strengthen the bond with teachers, students and the community. The program, which plans to extend to all Chaco towns, includes advice, workshops and training for students and teachers. “This program will allow us to continue joining forces to work together in a Chaco with a future, a Chaco with education, a Chaco with young people and free children. For this we need the support of parents, teachers and students to continue on the path towards quality education, with the capacity to generate students with the ability to decide and embrace the freedom of the future” – indicated the president.

In this context, the coordination of the Ministry of Education with different areas to access accurate information that makes management more efficient and transparent stood out. “A new time is coming in our province. Faced with the economic situation we are going through, we are not going to and should not stop heading in this new paradigm that we want, which has to do with work and production, strengthening public health, security and education,” he noted.

This program launched today from the Basail Municipal Social and Recreational Club, will be replicated in different parts of the province, and also proposes “a different day of classes” with the development of reading, recreational and academic workshops, both for students and teachers of all levels and all educational modalities; promotes the exchange of experiences.

The club had a stand and consultation tables, where the programs and services provided by the Ministry of Education were also announced based on the educational policy outlined by Governor Zdero.


On the occasion, Minister Sofía Naidenoff stated: “We are Education in Territory was born from Governor Leandro Zdero, when he called us he told us: ‘I want officials in the territory to respond to the people.’ Today we have the possibility of being with people who need answers.” At the same time, she remarked: “We work with the mayors to meet the demands of the schools. We give them the materials and they provide the labor, it is an articulated job.”

Also present was the Minister of Production and Sustainable Economic Development, Hernán Halavacs; the mayor of Basail, Hernán Paniagua; and other authorities of the educational cabinet, directors of levels, modalities and technical pedagogical teams.


Within the framework of this event, Minister Sofía Naidenoff and Minister Hernán Halavacs signed an agreement with the purpose of promoting the implementation of training activities for urban and rural enterprises in the province, through the delivery of courses, training paths and workshops that have a positive impact on the training of the sector.

Throughout the day, workshops are held for students, teachers and the entire community, as well as recreational and training spaces for teachers and students on academic issues.

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