Ibagué: Community mothers protest and block roads

The community mothers of Colombian Institute of Family Welfare in the municipalities of The San Juan Valley, Cajamarca and Ibaguéentered into a cessation of activities due to non-payment of their fees, salaries and social benefits for the last two months.

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Let us remember that these mothers care for 2,000 children in 45 foster homes, especially the Ibagué center, while the rest are in the surrounding municipalities, this as a prior measure to the lack of payments; where the sit-in takes place at the headquarters of the ICBF on Fifth Avenue and 43rd Street.

Likewise, the community mothers, who number up to 202 workers; They stated that this sit-in will be carried out indefinitely given that they are suffering from a lack of payments for two months, however, Yolanda Gomezspokesperson for the demonstration, hopes that this situation is understood by parents.

Statements from a spokesperson for the demonstration

“The operator who had been managing the community homes had his contract suspended on April 30, since May 1 we have no social security, in addition the families are affected by the lack of payment, the economy of our houses is affected.”

Yolanda Gomez

Likewise, Yolanda mentioned that this situation is terrible; to the point that she told local media that: “There are colleagues who owe the banks, little by little, what we are experiencing is terrible, that is why we ask for answers to this situation that is happening to us.”

Similarly, Luz Acosta, Another of the affected mothers stated that this situation will begin on May 22 at noon at the head of the ICBF, where she stressed that in the national country only with protests can fair conditions be obtained.

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What is the provider for community mothers?

After the end of the contract of the previous operator, it was known that the company identified as A dream to be happy, however, it was reported that the registration of mothers had not been carried out due to the lack of payments made by the previous provider of the service. service.

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