In a new fight between mayor and governor they call each other a thief and a liar

In a new fight between mayor and governor they call each other a thief and a liar
In a new fight between mayor and governor they call each other a thief and a liar

He Governor Rafael Martínez, representative of ‘Caicedismo’ in Magdalena, once again clashed with the mayor of Santa Marta, Carlos Pinedo Cuello, following statements that the latter made at a press conference, where he denounced irregularities found in the mayor’s office during the previous Fuerza Ciudadana governments.

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In the midst of the questions he launched against three former mayors of the same political group that governed the city for the last 12 years, Pinedo asked the governor to return the Eduardo Santos stadium in the District. It was this specific request that Martínez used to respond and criticize him for his alleged lack of knowledge about what he is administering as mayor.

Pinedo persistently asked Martínez to give the city the sports venue, considered the nation’s heritage, with the purpose of recovering it and putting it at the service of the citizens. However, according to the mayor, it has not been possible to reach an agreement because “his master (Carlos Caicedo) will not let him.”

“They stole the mayor’s office and they don’t know what they stole”: Martínez to Pinedo
The governor’s response was immediate and came through social networks: “How do I give this ‘illegal character’ back the stadium that we don’t have?”

Carlos Pinedo also attacked former mayor Virna Johnson, whose marriage he was best man.

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In his statements, Martínez insinuated that Pinedo does not know what he is administering, since since 2013 the governor Luis Miguel Cotes Habeych ceded the stadium to the District, meaning that it is no longer in the power of the department.

He also accused him again of stealing the mayor’s office in the elections, where he was elected not by winning at the polls, but by a judicial decision that invalidated the vote of the caicedismo candidate, who appeared the winner in the pre-count of the Registry.

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“They robbed the mayor’s office and he doesn’t know what they robbed. Six months after taking office, Pinedo is unaware that the mayor’s office supports, maintains and has possession of the Eduardo Santos stadium,” Martínez said.

Governor Rafael Martínez invited Pinedo to read the certificate of freedom and traditionwhich confirms that the stadium has been in the hands of the District for some time.

He ended his response by saying that on this issue the mayor “lied,” as in everything he said at the press conference where Carlos Pinedo denounced thatand there are more than 740 thousand
millions of pesos bottled up in irregularities of unfinished works, with cost overruns and unexecuted programs.

Pinedo called Fuerza Ciudadana mayors thieves

Mayor Carlos Pinedo Cuello was forceful in his complaints, calling former mayors Carlos Caicedo, Rafael Martínez and Virna Johnson “thieves, bandits and scoundrels” for wasting the resources of the Samarios.

“They sold us a change that never existed,” said Pinedo, who assures that many works announced with great fanfare today remain unfinished or are not in good condition.

“The money of the Samarians was spent on countless studies, works with cost overruns and projects that were of no use. It was money that they threw away,” said Pinedo Cuello. He added that “this money from the Samarians is distributed in political campaigns throughout the country due to an excessive ambition for power.”

Pinedo from ally to critic of Fuerza Ciudadana

As a result of these questions, criticism also fell on Carlos Pinedo, who during the period in which he says there was administrative mismanagement, was a councilor of Santa Marta and always showed a stance inclined in favor of the Fuerza Ciudadana governments, the same ones that today accused of robbing the city.

The Eduardo Santos stadium is currently a Santa Marta garbage dump.

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As a councilor, Pinedo not only approved the proposals and projects of the mayors, but he accompanied them and never presented an intervention criticizing the works that he now says were not carried out.

In this regard, the mayor defended himself by saying: “I approved projects, but I did not approve that the money for their execution was stolen.”

Pinedo Cuello, during his time as a councilor, was part of the allied co-administrators of the administration, the closeness was even so great that he was chosen best man at the marriage of the former mayor, Virna Johnson.

Pinedo and his quotas in previous governments

This closeness to the Caicedismo allowed him to have several political quotas within the district cabinet of the different administrations, which today they repeat in his mayoralty. One of the most notable cases is that of Sarita Vives, who was a prominent figure in the mayoralties of Rafael Martínez and Virna Johnson.

Vives held the position of secretary of security, a department that was questioned by Carlos Pinedo Cuellowho assured that they never worried about the maintenance of the 215 security cameras or the operation of line 123.

For the resources from 2024 onwards, the only person responsible will be Carlos Pinedo. There is no need to blame councilors or anyone else.

Currently, Sarita Vives is part of the Pinedo team, assuming the position of operational director of the secretariat of security and coexistence, where she now states that she is aware of the shortcomings that the agency presents to guarantee public order and reduce the scourges that affect to the citizens.

Another of the officials appointed by Pinedo in the Virna Johnson administration was Patricia Caicedo, who held the position of advisor to the Secretary of Planning, Isaac Pertuz. Now, Patricia Caicedo is the head of that agency, another of those criticized in the
Press conference.

Carlos Pinedo, questioned by journalists about this closeness that existed in the past with the district administrations, insisted thatl guilty of the waste of
public resources is the mayor of the time.

“For the resources from 2024 onwards, the only person responsible will be Carlos Pinedo. “There is no need to blame councilors or anyone else,” said Pinedo Cuello.

The exchanges of trills and mutual offensive allusions continue to be the order of the day between the two leaders, controversies that generate divided opinions among citizens, some of whom interpret that this type of confrontations contribute nothing to the development of the district and the department. .

By Roger Urieles
For EL TIEMPO Santa Marta
In X: @rogeruv

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