Hairdresser goes swimming in a stream after a heavy downpour in Riohacha

Hairdresser goes swimming in a stream after a heavy downpour in Riohacha
Hairdresser goes swimming in a stream after a heavy downpour in Riohacha

ORA hairdresser in Riohacha braved the waters of a stream originated after a heavy rain. The woman dove headlong into swimming as if she were in a river.

The event that occurred last Tuesday afternoon on Carrera 7 and Calle 10 in the capital Guajira, It was recorded in a video, viral on social networks, generating a large number of comments in favor and concern among other citizens.

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The scene, which was shared on social networks as a humorous moment on the account of a renowned stylist in the city @alexmaquillaje_ for whom he works, has more than 85 thousand views and has been shared more than 600 times, which has raised a series of comments for and against, due to the associated dangers that runoff water could cause, which carries all types of waste and pollutants.

In the video, you can see the woman, of Venezuelan origindiving into the current of murky water with some solid debris floating on the surface, while Alex, who was recording her from a building in front, encouraged her by saying: “As if it were a river, my sister.”

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To make jokes among ourselves, not for anything bad, we always bathe. I’ve even done it myself

Alex Colina, Venezuelan migrant who arrived in Riohacha eight years ago and made his way to starting his own business, told EL TIEMPO that they always do it, “normally, to make fun of ourselves, not for anything bad, we always bathe.” . Even I have done it myself.”

He explains that there were two women who were bathing in the rain and had been there for more than half an hour, when he proposed making a video for the networks, “you know that people like all that,” he indicated.

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Users have expressed expressions like “see girl, that is pure sewage from the sewer plus all the dirt from the roads that are being cleaned since it hasn’t rained in a while… but the most important thing is that you enjoyed the rain and that is happiness”; “they already forgot when they were bathing in the jaguey”; “It can’t be hahahaha the positive attitude above all”; “They can get sick in that dirty water.”

Meanwhile, the video continues to circulate and accumulate views, with opinions divided between those who see it as simple entertainment and those who warn about the health risks.

It should be noted that in this race, Streams always form when it rains, which is usually a common scenario for similar situations.

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