Juanes: vulnerable population of Bucaramanga will be guests of the singer’s concert

Juanes: vulnerable population of Bucaramanga will be guests of the singer’s concert
Juanes: vulnerable population of Bucaramanga will be guests of the singer’s concert

about 20 people who are part of the youth council of Bucaramanga, EMA students, street residents and victims of the armed conflict, will be the beneficiaries of being at the concert Juanes which will take place on May 25 at the convention center, Cenfer, with his tour ‘Juan is Colombia’.

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​The artists who will attend the show were chosen through the Municipal Institute of Culture with the endorsement of Paramo Presenta and Isla Presenta.

Furthermore, on the eve of the event, the urban collective He made a mural in honor of the Antioquian singer and it is located on the ninth street that connects with the Santander Government.

The graffiti painted by this vulnerable population reflects what Bucaramanga is, Juanes’ trajectory since his beginnings in Ekhymosis with some asides Colombia and Santander.

“It is a graffiti that invites tourists to take a photo. These young people will participate in the concert, it is an initiative that we have been carrying out for a long time so that the events that happen in our city also have that social touch that leaves something for the city. This time he took over the mural with Juanes,” said Maylin Jaramillo, Secretary of Culture and Tourism of Santander.


Photo:Nestor Gomez. TIME

Juan Esteban Aristizábal​ returns to Bucaramanga after 10 years. The fans saw him for the last time at the Alfonso López Stadium with his tour “Crazy with love for Colombia” in which they enjoyed their show near 35 thousand people.

For those interested in Bucaramanga, the concert will be on Saturday, May 25 and the ticket office is now available from November 20 at ETicket.co and TuBoleta.com.

Cenfer will be distributed as follows for that concert: the diamond location is the closest to the artist, followed by VIP and then preferential and general.

In addition to these seats, there is a preferential seat for minors, which is available from the age of seven, but accompanied by a responsible adult.

This May 23 it will be presented at the Movistar Arena.

Photo:Juanes Press

Melissa Múnera Zambrano
Correspondent of EL TIEMPO – Bucaramanga.

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