The Nation buried any hope that the Palmira-Retiro passenger train would be reactivated

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Although it says “momentarily interrupted”, the interruption of the Retiro-Palmira passenger train seems definitive.

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“The roads between Palmira and Justo Daract are in a dire state”

In statements reproduced by Buenos Aires media, the national official referred to the fact that there will be “several long-distance branches that will close” and specifically referring to the passenger train that linked Retiro with Palmira, he said that “In the section that went from Justo Daract, in San Luis, to the city of Mendoza, the road was in a dire state, generating a high risk of derailments.”

“It has been more than 4 years since the trains have had the necessary comprehensive maintenance and it has been more than a decade since rolling stock purchases have been made”Mogetta added.

The secretary explained: “Between Justo Daract and Palmira there are 374 kilometers. It took 14 hours because due to the poor condition of the roads, The train’s movement did not exceed 20 kilometers per hour. “Freight trains continue to use that track, since they travel at low speed.”

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Franco Mogetta, Secretary of Transportation of the Nation.

The train that returned after 30 years

The formation Retiro-Mendoza It had returned to circulation in mid-2023 under the management of Alberto Fernández after 30 years. Improvement work was carried out on 400 kilometers of tracks and infrastructure renewal at stations.

In March 2023, Fernández shared with Governor Rodolfo Suarez the event in which he inaugurated the return of the Mendoza-Buenos Aires passenger train.

At the time, it was a popular festival that was reiterated two months later when regular trips began, twice a month, with a considerable influx of passengers who not only accessed the service to reach Retiro, but also to other intermediate locations.

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One of the few coincidences between Rodolfo Suarez and Alberto Fernández. It was in March 2023 when the Mendoza-Buenos Aires passenger train returned.

One of the few coincidences between Rodolfo Suarez and Alberto Fernández. It was in March 2023 when the Mendoza-Buenos Aires passenger train returned.

Photo: Presidency

The train had stopped running in 1983 and its return was celebrated, despite the delays of the trip and the few frequencies. All that came to an end after a short-lived return.

The long-awaited train trip did not last even a year.

It had two monthly frequencies, allowed the transfer of between 400 and 500 people per formation and transited 22 intermediate stations: José C. Paz, Pilar, Mercedes, Franklin, Rivas, Castilla, Rawson, Chacabuco, O’Higgins, Junín, Alem, Vedia , Alberdi, Iriarte, Rufino, Laboulaye, General Levalle, Vicuña Mackenna, Justo Daract, Beazley and, in Mendoza, La Paz and San Martín. The entire trip took almost 28 hours.

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