Comprehensive road education for students in the last years of secondary school –

The “Educa-Vial” program carried out by the Municipality of Las Heras is focused on raising awareness and training young people in safe driving and reducing risk behavior on public roads.

On Wednesday the 22nd, in the meeting room of the Municipality of Las Heras, a call was made to supervisors of Sections 6, 7 and 8 of the General Directorate of Schools (Mauricio Lara, Paula Coraza and Mariela Correa) belonging to educational establishments secondary schools of the department to present this program to them.

The objective of the meeting was to show the different stages and work methodologies of Educa-Vial, which seeks to inform, raise awareness and develop practical skills so that young people can drive safely and reduce road accidents.

“The program is especially aimed at kids in their final years of high school, who are close to obtaining their driver’s license. What we want to achieve is to make young people friendly with the procedure and with all the information they should know. Additionally, we want you to understand that obtaining your license is a big responsibility. In the training we are accompanied by the Estrellas Amarillas organization with its message of road awareness and also by the people from the virtual driving simulators, so that the students have that experience of what road safety entails,” said Pedro Quintero, director of Citizen Liaison. from Las Heras.

Promoted by the Secretariat of Citizen Security with the support of the Directorate of Education, the initiative aims to provide students in the final years of secondary schools in Las Heras with training in Comprehensive Road Safety Education, correctly introducing them to the prior knowledge to obtain of your “First License”.

“We want to bring this awareness and responsible driving program to the department’s secondary schools to avoid the incidence of road accidents and for students to understand that these are not accidents, since road accidents do occur. We also want to reduce and avoid this tragic situation, that is why we are reaching all secondary establishments in Las Heras,” summarized Graciela Gelabert, director of Education of the municipality.

The Educa-Vial Program is taught by instructors from the Citizen Liaison Directorate and the Las Heras License Issuance Center, with the collaboration of the Municipal Urban Guard.

Educational establishments interested in bringing this training to their students can contact WhatsApp 2616 68-4103, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., or via email at [email protected]

Source: DGE Press

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