Investigations of threats against officials of the mayor of Tunja advance

Investigations of threats against officials of the mayor of Tunja advance
Investigations of threats against officials of the mayor of Tunja advance


In recent weeks, several officials from the Tunja mayor’s office have received threats that have generated concern in the administration and authorities. Mayor Mikhail Krasnov spoke out on the matter, urging that, if threats are directed against him, they leave his work team alone.

“As for the administration’s position, we reject these acts. It seems very archaic to me, and since it is part of the custom that survived in the country of putting pressure with threats, night calls, putting pamphlets under the door”said the mayor, adding that they will continue working despite the threats.

I can personally say that, if it is against the mayor, then they should leave the officials alone, because if they kill one, I will appoint another, God forbid. Obviously what we want to say from the administration is that we are not afraid, we are going to take all the measures, thank God, the prosecutor’s office, the National Police and the ONP are going to take obviously appropriate measures, because because of a pamphlet they are not going to place vans armored” assured Krasnov,

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Are the threats due to acts of corruption?

“I cannot relate a threat to a specific act of corruption, obviously I am always thinking, this has to do with the mayor’s office, so what kind of interests can the authors of this threat pursue, I imagine that due to some actions since we have extinguished some illegal businesses or some schemes that we still do not understand,” Krasnov responded.

What do the police say about the threats?

“We are coordinating with all relevant institutions to guarantee the safety and integrity of the threatened officials,” said Colonel Marcos Forero of the Tunja Metropolitan Police.

He also referred to the security they have at this time for officials, “We are aware of some publications that were generated in the press, We made the immediate decision to request a security council to address the issue, taking into account the seriousness of the events, likewise, “With our protection section, it is ordered to contact each of the affected people in order to begin and begin the protection route.”said the colonel. Likewise, the metropolitan police are carrying out patrols that include the residences of these people who are being threatened.

For its part, the mayor’s women’s secretary rejected the accusations that link her to the threats against councilor Sandra Estupiñán.

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