the story of those captured for the theft of a motorcycle in Ibagué

the story of those captured for the theft of a motorcycle in Ibagué
the story of those captured for the theft of a motorcycle in Ibagué


The Metropolitan Police of Ibagué managed to capture a 22-year-old young man and a 20-year-old woman after a chase that began in the El Vergel neighborhood sector and ended on the road to the San Bernardo district.

The authorities revealed that this couple of alleged criminals, apparently in the company of other subjects, arrived at a commercial establishment in the Vergel sector where They intimidated a citizen with a firearm to steal a Yamaha MT-09ST motorcycle valued at $80 millionin addition to a cell phone, two helmets, an intercom and other items valued at more than $10 million.

According to Metropolitana’s investigation, when the theft occurred, The community reported to the National Police, information that allowed, through the LPR tracking cameras, to identify one of the motorcycles involved in the crime. that was still close to the scene of the events, in this case a black Pulsar NS 160 motorcycle, on which the couple was traveling.

The chasing

With the information confirmed, the Police carried out a blockade plan that allowed the suspects to be identified on Ambala Avenue, for which the uniformed CAI Gaviota were informed, precisely the officer on duty stopped the motorcyclist on the road, but The woman who was serving as a barbecue grill pulled out a firearm and fired several shots. Against the humanity of the patrolman, they continue along the road to the Salado sector.

Finally, They took the road towards the San Bernardo sector, near the El País neighborhood, they were hit again by a patrolbut again the uniformed men were attacked with a firearm by the woman, the chase ended at the height of one of the viewpoints in the area.

The captured

James Cardozo, 22 years old, native of Espinal Tolima, has two judicial notes for the crimes of illegal possession of firearms and qualified and aggravated robbery. Besides, Alixon Espinosa, 20 years old, native of Espinal Tolimawithout judicial notes.

Data: to those detained A firearm and the cell phone that had been stolen from the victim were seizedthe other elements had been thrown by the criminals during the chase.

The motorcycle on which they were transported had been stolen in the municipality of El Espinal on April 20, 2024in the neighborhood, Caballero and Góngora, theft that was committed in the form of robbery with a firearm.

The stolen motorcycle was found in the “La Mansión” settlement in the El Salado neighborhood, after the events it was handed over to the owner.

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