Magdalena: Municipality destroyed motorcycles seized due to lack of documentation and that were not claimed

Magdalena: Municipality destroyed motorcycles seized due to lack of documentation and that were not claimed
Magdalena: Municipality destroyed motorcycles seized due to lack of documentation and that were not claimed

The Magdalena Municipalitydistrict located on the west side of Metropolitan Limaordered the destruction of 20 motorcycles that were seized throughout 2024 and that no one has claimed.

The activity, led by the mayor of the jurisdiction, Francis Allison, took place on a beach on the Costa Verde. To destroy these vehicles, the intervention of heavy machinery was needed, which was driven over the units.

Among the reasons for its seizure, it stands out that its drivers did not have the corresponding documentation. Another cause is that They were lifted by the crane and taken to the warehouse as they were parked incorrectly.

According to the city authority, enough time was given for the vehicle owners to recover their vehicle, however, they never responded to the municipality’s call, so they were turned into scrap metal.

“We are destroying 20 motorcycles in a procedure regulated by the Municipality of Magdalena through an ordinance. This is a firm hand against crime. We cannot continue allowing motorcycles to be used twice to steal when they are irregularly on the streets,” Allison told Panamericana Televisión.

“These motorcycles have been in the hands of crime, that is why we do not allow motorcycles without documentation to return to the streets. Any motorcycle seized by this municipality and that does not have documentation proving the ownership of the person claiming it, is not returned, only destroyed. Like scrap metal, it is donated,” he added.

Mayor of the Municipality of Magdalena, Francis Allison. | Andean

The mayor explained that the maximum period to claim a vehicle seized in Magdalena is 30 days, but that, despite this measure, there are several motorcycles that were destroyed on the morning of this Wednesday, May 22, that have been in their possession for a year.

“There is a period of 30 days, but there are motorcycles that have been stored in the municipality for a year. If you haven’t claimed your property in so long, obviously you’re not going to do it. Having already passed 30 days, we are not returning the motorcycles,” said the mayor.

“These units converted into scrap metal will be donated to the Canevaro Foundation, which works hand in hand with the Pérez Araníbar Puericultorio so that they can receive better care. We have already donated many things to that foundation because obviously the child care center is one of the institutions that we love the most for the attention and care of our children, which is also in Magdalena del Mar,” he said.

Magdalena Municipality ordered the destruction of 20 motorcycles.

On the other hand, Francis Allison confirmed that he knows the head of the Ministry of the Interior (Mininter), Juan José Santiváñez, since before he assumed that he held it. Along these lines, he said he agrees with many of the ideas he has to safeguard citizens.

“We agree on closing the markets for stolen things. There you have something that is allowed in the sight and patience of all the authorities, it is the engine that keeps the crime active. The day we close the markets for stolen things, that street day will fall to its minimum,” he said.

“I already spoke with the minister and he has given me his word. He has shown me his willingness to go against the markets for stolen things. I congratulate you on the appointment and we are here to work hand in hand with the Police, as it should be,” concluded the authority.

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