Rejection due to Magdalena’s absence at the Brotherhood Bridge socialization

Rejection due to Magdalena’s absence at the Brotherhood Bridge socialization
Rejection due to Magdalena’s absence at the Brotherhood Bridge socialization

The work that will connect the department of Magdalena with the Atlantic will cost $366,000 million. Among others, the mayor of the municipality of Salamina was present.

In an event of great importance for the development of the Caribbean region, which was attended by several governors and the mayor of Remolino, Magdalena, the absence of the Governor of the department generated all kinds of negative comments.

The meeting aimed to advance the work of the ‘La Hermandad’ bridge in Salamina, which will connect several departments. The lack of support from the highest authority of the department generated concern among the inhabitants of Magdalena, due to the president’s little interest in supporting this project that will economically benefit the territory.

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The Brotherhood Bridge contemplates the construction of a road complex that will connect the town of Puerto Giraldo (Ponedera, Atlántico) with the municipality of Salamina (Magdalena). This is a large-scale work that seeks to facilitate the transit of people and goods, improve land communication and enhance the socioeconomic development of the region.

During the presentation of the project, four alternatives for the design of the bridge were announced. Each of them presents different characteristics in terms of its location, layout and environmental impact. The competent authorities are evaluating the alternatives to select the most viable and proceed with the next phase of the project.

Despite the progress of the project, the absence of Governor Martínez generated unrest among the community and local authorities. The mayors of Salamina and Remolino Edwin Pavón, José David Escorcia called on the Magdalen president to join the project and work together for the benefit of the department.

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To complete phases 2 and 3 of the project studies, $5.2 billion is required. The total cost of the work is estimated at $366,000 million.


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