Finning, the company that bets on work in San Juan

Finning, the company that bets on work in San Juan
Finning, the company that bets on work in San Juan

One of the stands that stands out at the Expo San Juan Minera is that of Finning Cat, the exclusive distributor of Caterpillar in Argentina. The position is one of the busiest, given that this company is in charge of building the essential components needed by the impressive machinery that circulates at the top of the Cordillera. The best thing? Each of their products is manufactured in the province and they are increasingly committed to continuing to generate local labor through training.

In dialogue with HUARPE DIARYthe vice president of operations and country manager of the company, Germán Wilson, commented on the expectations he has regarding the brand’s participation in the fair, ensuring that it is a great opportunity to establish new ties with different actors in the mining industry, seeking to enhance joint work with clients, other companies and even authorities.

German Wilson. (Photo: courtesy).

“We have been settled in San Juan for a long time. In fact, we reopened our component reconstruction center in 2022 and since that date we have already invested more than US$2 million in infrastructure and training to be able to meet the needs of the sector,” he emphasized.

It is worth noting that Finning is exclusively dedicated to the generation and construction of machinery, spare parts, services, technology and solutions associated with three industries: construction, where there are more than 15,000 of its teams working in the country; mining, where nearly 70% of the production equipment operating in the country is theirs; and energy, where in Vaca Muerta alone more than 75% of the engines used in the processes are Caterpillar.

Specifically in San Juan, they have a component reconstruction center and a training center. Where they rebuild engines, final drives, transmissions of new trucks and loaders for Barrick and mining companies in other provinces. Additionally, they complement this work with the provision of services for other clients in the province linked to construction.

According to Wilson, Finning has three fundamental aspects: the variety of teams for which it works, the application of technology in maintenance and operation processes, and the opportunities for collaboration with a specific orientation depending on the profile of whoever contacts them.

The current situation of the industry and the possibilities of expansion

When asked about the current situation in the sector, Finning’s vice president of operations highlighted that, in his opinion, he sees an activation in the industry. Due to this promising forecast, he asserted that it is necessary to “constantly monitor what capabilities are needed.”

“Clearly, we are all hoping that the new projects in San Juan can become a reality. That would mean a greater leap in terms of activity, but also in requirements for the companies that we supply to this industry,” he said.

On the other hand, Wilson referred to the Large Investment Incentive Regime (RIGI), and stated that it will allow progress with projects that are still being evaluated and could have a transcendental impact on the province. “It would be significant, not only from an industrial point of view, but it would generate quality employment, we are talking about thousands of jobs, which translates into great development opportunities for San Juan. I am enthusiastic that with the approval of the RIGI, large, million-dollar investments will begin to be unlocked,” he said.

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