seized – Más Río Negro

seized – Más Río Negro
seized – Más Río Negro

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Viedma charged three men and a woman who had been arrested accused of having taken six goats in a field located near Bahía Creek, 130 kilometers from the city of Viedma. All of them were placed under house arrest.

According to the accusation, the group was traveling in a vehicle that was stopped at the police checkpoint stationed in the La Lobería spa with six goat animals without skins, viscera and without heads. Previously, the owner of a nearby field had warned of the incident that occurred on the night of May 20.

The Prosecutor’s Office charged him with the crime of aggravated rustling, with the three responsible as co-authors, in accordance with arts. 45 of the CP qualification and the Penal Code.

As evidentiary support for this incipient stage of the investigation, there is the criminal complaint made by the owner of the field located in the Bahía Creek area, in which the missing animals are reported.

The results of the police procedure carried out by the Rural Brigade, the El Cóndor police unit that carried out numerous procedures at the site and the criminal investigation office that seized the vehicle. To this he added records of the incident and background reports of the accused.

At the hearing held on Tuesday night, less than 24 hours after the incident, the prosecution requested the preventive detention of the four defendants, in the case of one of them, under domiciliary modality. The intervening judge accepted all of this, ordering precautionary measures for a period of 40 days.


They charged a subject with transporting parts produced by poaching

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Bariloche charged an individual for an act that constitutes the crime of transporting pieces resulting from poaching as regulated in National Law 22,421, on the protection and conservation of wildlife.

The prosecution attributed to him what happened on December 24 of last year, at approximately 5:30 p.m., at the “Teniente Luis Candelaria” International Airport in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, when the accused tried to board a company plane. low cost bound for Aeroparque carrying with them a piece resulting from poaching. This situation was “evidently” known to him, given that he did not have the documentation to prove that it was an object resulting from legal hunting, as established by the regulations.

Specifically, he tried to illegitimately transport a four-pointed deer antler inside his luggage, which was detected by the X-ray control system in the security sector; prior to boarding the aircraft and confiscated by PSA personnel.

The deputy prosecutor described the evidence contained in the file, including the procedural record of the officer who operated the x-ray equipment at the Bariloche Airport, the environmental violation record containing the kidnapping, the flight boarding pass, photographs of the suitcase and X-rays, among others.

In the hearing held by Zoom, he requested four months for the preparatory criminal investigation, aiming to use this period to reach an agreement based on article 14 of the province’s Criminal Procedure Code and arrive at a solution to this conflict.

The accused gave a brief statement regarding the incident, basically stating that he was unaware of the regulations, the origin of the antlers – found in a camp – and that he never had any intention of marketing them. He was assisted by a private attorney who did not oppose the filing of charges and mentioned that it was her desire to work on a possible agreement.

The Guarantee Judge considered the charges formulated for the previously reported fact framed in the crime of transporting pieces resulting from poaching as regulated in Law 22,421 on the protection and conservation of wild fauna, as author in accordance with articles 45 of the Penal Code and article 27 of the aforementioned law.


Illustrative photo: Río Negro Rural Police

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