The moment when libertarian militants sang “Cristina se va prey”


After entering the audience and singing, Milei leaned on the lectern and was encouraged before speaking. “Milei, dear, the people are with you,” she was heard inside Luna Park. There also the libertarian militants left some challenging messages: “He’s going to prison, Cristina is going to prison,” they chanted. At that moment, the President expressed: “I can assure you that he would accompany them singing, but it would violate the independence of the powers.”

Those present continued with: “Sánchez compadre, things are burning”, in reference to the Spanish president. And the Argentine president said: “Don’t you think I already have too much trouble?”

In the “cultural battle,” as in real wars, the first victim is usually the truth. The episode that led to the diplomatic crisis with Spain allows us to observe the communication logic that applies as a scale model. Javier Milei when he plunges into the narrative crusade against progressivism, which he now wages on a global level.

His speech in recent days included false data, social media myths, half-truths, exaggerations and unverifiable claims; a compendium of rhetorical resources that served as weapons against Pedro Sanchezpresident of the Spanish government and general secretary of the Socialist Party (PSOE).

By Martín Rodríguez Yebra

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presentation of the book Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical plot” and show by President Javier Milei at Luna ParkSantiago Filipuzzi

By Carlos Pagni

At this Wednesday’s rally at Luna Park Javier Milei He again indicated the profile with which he prefers to be recognized. It is not that of a political leader. Nor that of a head of state. Milei enjoys being recognized as an extravagant prophet. The presentation of Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical traphis new work published by Planeta, became part of a show in which he sang as the star of a band.

The new book came to light surrounded by controversy over plagiarism. Unexpected coincidence with the reviled Pedro Sanchez, accused in Spain of copying entire paragraphs of his doctoral thesis without citing. The work that was presented at the Corrientes and Bouchard stadium is a compilation of very varied texts. There coexist speeches such as the one at the opening of sessions of Congress, or the one he gave in Davos, with a memory of his doctrinal predilections. The second section, to which the author gives more relevance, is for him a kind of theoretical legacy on macroeconomics, prepared with formulas and graphs.

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Patricia Bullrich, Zulema Menem and Yuyito González
Patricia Bullrich, Zulema Menem and Yuyito González

Senior government officials, allies, influential figures without office, important leaders of business entities and some celebrities were present at the presentation of the president’s new book Javier Mileiwith musical show included, in the Luna Park.

Patricia Bullrich She arrived early with her husband, Guillermo Yancoand the national deputies of Pro Damian Arabia and Sabrina Ajmechetfrom the circle of confidence of the Minister of Security.

The Secretary of Environment, Tourism and Sports, Daniel Scioli, returned to the mythical stadium where he closed his campaign for the 2015 presidential elections that had him as a candidate for the national Executive for the Front for Victory. Today mixed among the people unlike that time, He took some photos with followers of the libertarian.

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Former president Alberto Fernández
Former president Alberto FernándezEVARISTO SA – AFP

The ex-president Albert Fernandez published a column in the Spanish newspaper The country entitled “The saying of hate” where he criticized the recent statements of Javier Milei that caused a diplomatic crisis with Spain. He pointed out against the speeches spread by right-wing political movements in both countries, whom he described as “fascists” and advocates of Francisco Frank and Jorge Rafael Videlaand highlighted the “deep common history” that they share Spain and the Argentina.

In recent days, Fernández had already marked his position regarding the comings and goings between Pedro Sanchez and Milei. He considered that Milei “is not in his right mind” and asked the Spanish president for “forgiveness” for his Argentine counterpart’s statements. Now, he delved into the topic again, but with greater depth.

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Victoria Villarruel presides over the Senate
Victoria Villarruel presides over the SenateRodrigo Néspolo – LA NACION

By Gustavo Ybarra

The bad practice and the calculation errors of an ruling party that intends to accelerate fully when it does not have the votes to do so, plus the internal fights that go through the remains of what was Together for Change, have become a explosive cocktail for the government of Javier Mileiwho sees how the Senate’s dialogue opposition begins to scrap his precious Base Lawto the point of leaving it on the verge of failure.

They are not the only factors that play in the chessboard that the Upper House has become since the projects – there is also the tax reform – were approved by Deputies on the last day of April. Also playing an important part in this story are the fierce and barely concealed internal relationship between the Casa Rosada and Vice President Victoria Villarrueland the permanent attacksalthough somewhat diminished in recent weeks, from Milei to the “political caste” on which he depends so that his desired laws can one day be promulgated.

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Minister Luis Caputo at the IAEF congress
Minister Luis Caputo at the IAEF congressMauro Alfieri – LA NACION

By Francisco Jueguen

In Casa Rosada and in the Ministry of Economy they say they are calm despite the fact that the dollar – the thermometer of Creole stability – woke up from its dream of a summer night. In the midst of the debate between the Government and part of the market about the exchange rate delay in Argentina, the agonizing lowering of interest rates by the Central Bank (BCRA), a super weight in an economy lacking competitiveness, with high fiscal pressure and high costs in dollars, and the lack of political results in Congress appear to be the drivers of the jump in the blue and financial quotes in recent days.

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The Government appointed the lawyer and filmmaker Santiago Oria as the new director of Audiovisual Production of the Presidency of the Nation of the Undersecretariat of Spokesperson and Communication, in charge of Manuel Adorniof the General Secretariat of the presidency, which depends on Karina Milei. This is the creative and publicist reference for the electoral campaign of Javier Milei between 2021 and 2023.

This was communicated through a publication in the Bulletin Official from Thursday to dawn through the decree 444/2024 which bears the signature of the Chief of Staff, Nicolas Posse.

Oría was the author of all Milei’s campaign spots in 2023 and the author of the feature films and short films that were made about the economist who became president. Some of the examples are “Javier Milei, the Liberal Revolution” and “Pandenomics”.

Santiago Oría and Javier Milei, during a campaign shoot
Santiago Oría and Javier Milei, during a campaign shoot

The former head of Aysa Malena Galmarini questioned President Javier Milei after the show that the president did this Wednesday at the Luna Park stadium, where he presented his book Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trap. “There is no bread? So let there be a lot of circus! “He maintained.

The Secretary of Tourism and Sports, Daniel Scioli, attended the presentation at Luna Park and took a photo with the Buenos Aires deputy Agustín Romo, who later published the image on his X account with the official’s classic phrase that he himself adapted to the current times. “With faith and hope, Freedom Advances.”


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